Is it me? Boxing Day Sales



People queuing from 3am on Boxing Day morning to get into shops that were open not 36 hours earlier with exactly the same tat for you to buy plus all the crap that no-one else bought through the year all because it has a label on it boasting 10% off? For F*ck sake – what is wrong with people?

It genuinely baffles me that people would waste so much of their time and energy on such an obvious ruse. There can be no-one reading this that doesn’t understand the idea that they are selling off the stuff that didn’t sell earlier – yet the queues were as long as ever. The other thing I don’t get is that you can go on-line and get real bargains from the warmth and comfort of your home nowadays so why would you bother? To get a bargain? No, because surely a bargain is something that you were going to buy anyway and therefore you get a discount on – that I can understand. But there are those who go into these stores to “just look” and come out with a few hundred pounds worth of goods – that’s not a bargain, that’s a con!

I tend to avoid the shops at the best of times and do the majority of my shopping online these days, even for clothes as I know the styles, cuts, brands and sizes that fit me. Occasionally we will have a jaunt out to somewhere for a day or so to treat ourselves to some new goodies but that’s maybe once a year at best. The rest of the time it’s buy as you need not buy cause you can. Maybe it’s just me, but shopping is not a particularly enjoyable thing to do at the best of times so why would I want to take part in the retail equivalent of cage fighting for a shirt I could have bought three days earlier for a fiver discount now? I seems to attract the maddest women in the city – I know that sounds sexist but it’s true if you’ve ever seen the newspapers or TV clips of the queues it’s like a Crimewatch special of all the psychopathic creatures the town has to offer. In fact I’d go as far to recommend that all single men go down there just to see who to avoid chatting up next time they are out on the pull. I’d be good training to avoid the bunny boilers on singles night.

Most of al I dislike it because we are being conned by the retailers who have just waited until everyone has spent their money and now they slash the prices on everything you bought last week as a present. In the last couple of years they have panicked and started their sales early as the sales receipts had been down on the run up to Christmas and this just proves that you are paying too much for the goods in the first place. It’s like the DFS sale – they claim only to have two a year, which is true: one in January and the other for the rest of the year. We’re being ripped off and in some ways I’m glad to see the greedy ones losing their battle on the high street because of the way they treat us customers.

When you can buy goods cheaper online and have them delivered to your house why wouldn’t you? “I like the experience though?” I’d rather gnaw off my remaining testicle thank you.


2 thoughts on “Is it me? Boxing Day Sales

  1. eddieredvine

    I totally agree! I spend my boxing day with family chilling with sandwiches filled with leftovers trying to decifer my uncles rendition of “animal farm” in charades. That being said my other half is watching the nexus 7’s of the internet world to see if he can get a bargainous one and I will be going to try to get new clothes as my illness has made me lose a lot of mass and my clothes all could be deemed ‘oversized’ now and not in a trendy way.

    I do love a bargain if it’s something you need or have coveted for a while… but I wouldn’t go to the real shops… *shudder*

    My step mum however is at next’s door before 6am boxing day… but she fits your description rather well.

    I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and all the best for 2014 should I not speak to you before NYE. E x

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