The Blog Review 2013: Trouble and Controversy




Anyone who knows me is aware that I like stoking up discussion by playing the devil’s advocate – the issue is that in “black and white” that doesn’t always come across and I’ve had some rather negative reactions and conversations surrounding some of the blogs I’ve written this year. Here are a few of the highlights. 

My most popular blog so far has to be when I called Richard Littlejohn a c*nt in this blog in which I discussed the way he dealt with the teacher Lucy Meadows. The story is tragic and is one to forward to anyone you know who reads that piece of sh*t The Daily M*il. My blog post, with a little help for Alastair Campbell, went around Twitter and I had over 1,100 views of that post and many tweets and comments on it – many surprisingly not agreeing with me. I stand by everything I said and continue to hate everything the M*il stands for as these other posts will show:

My most controversial post has to be the one about rape and underage sex. The post was off the back of an interview with a Barrister called Barbara Hewson who said she thought there needed to be a more open discussion about both the differing categories of rape that there are and whether the age of consent was doing their job. Even though I made it clear that I didn’t necessarily agree with her ideas I came under attack both online and in person for the post. There seems to be a ban on even discussing these issues in public without being accused of all sorts of nasty things but in my opinion I thought – and still do – that Barbara Hewson made some interesting and valid points. The blog is here and to those who still disagree with me here’s a question: Do you know what the law actually is on underage sex in your area of the UK? You might find – as I did – that it’s not as straight forward as the age 16 threshold we all think it is. 

Writing about your job online is not always a good idea and I did have a backlash over a couple of posts I put up earlier in the year that have now been removed – once I leave teaching I will write candidly about my experience in education though, so you have been warned. I wrote one about ll the names both me and my colleagues had been called and all the things we were told to do by darling pupils and I was asked to remove it, which I did but was very angry about. There is a one way system in education where everyone is pitted against the classroom teacher and teachers really need to speak up more and fight against the silencing of them and their views and experiences.

I wrote about the complete mess that is Curriculum for Excrement especially in the primary sector; the huge issues with streaming and setting and whether it worked; and I asked the dangerous question about whether we should start failing more pupils rather than pushing so many that really weren’t up to the job through .

From an outsider’s perspective Aberdeen seems like a perfect city that booms under the banner of Oil Capital of Europe and these two posts got interesting reactions from both those in the industry and those outside it. Off shore Europe opened my eyes to a world I was outside of but had lived alongside it all my life and the report into poverty that was published this year shows that te divide in Aberdeen is as big as ever, as I blogged about here

There are many comments I make on here – now over 850 blogs later – that people disagree with and engage in conversation about; and that’s a good positive ting and I enjoy the discussions. What I can’t bear are the stubborn stick in th mud idiots that have one opinion and refuse to move from it. I’m happy to admit I’m wrong if I am wrong, it would be nice if others could do the same. 


Thoughts? Then share them!

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