The Blog Review 2013: Silly & Fun stories




As much as I use this space to deal with serious issues both personal and in the news I love some of the silly stories that appear along the way too. Having scanned through all the posts I have far too many to list here so these are just a few of my favourites from this year. I’ve selected mostly from the earlier months before many of you started reading the blog so hopefully they’ll be new to you. Enjoy!

First two are about school and revealing the secrets from behind Reports and Parents’ Evening comments and what really happens on In-Service days both of which are top-secret so don’t do anything silly like post them online for everyone to read…

Then there are two – yes two – bird poo stories – one for making music and one to kneel down before Meanwhile in the world of the spiritual we need to watch out for both the Psychics and the daemons that they warn us of

Food and Drink also reached the blog in two very unusual ways this year – firstly the food and unfortunately for the Jewish and Muslim readers it’s a baconfest for starters with a strange drink to go with it, just don’t toast with the phrase “Bottoms up!” Of course you probably wouldn’t pick those things up in your local supermarket but if you do want to venture into one please read my guide first to ensure you reduce the anger that the trip may cause you –

The panto villains have been lining up steadily this year with Putin taking top spot as chief Twat of the year for so many reasons, but rather than go for the obvious I enjoyed watching the continued ribbing of America’s great businessman F*ckface von Clownstick and also here For me there is a real hero of the year and you can watch “that” music video again here: Chris Hadfield comes across as such a great guy I hope he enjoys his retirement…however long it lasts!

Here are five other random stories from the year that tickled my fancy:


Thoughts? Then share them!

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