Happy New Year – 2014




I don’t want to jinx it but I’m looking forward to 2014. It’s rare for me to feel good about the coming year as I usually focus on the negatives – and I’m not so naive that I think this will be a trouble free year, of course it will have its usual challenges and low points but I’m determined to hit it head on for a change.

It’s not a “New Year, New Me”, just more a fresh start – that’s always how I have felt about January 1st. You get to start a new volume and the chapters are all blank again ready to write your story in; might as well make it a good one. And there’s lots to be positive about. I’m feeling as good as I have for a long time, and while not perfect and free of issues I do have a clarity of mind that has been missing for as long as I can remember..ironically. This year will see all that settle and I’ll get the doses, the meds and makes that suit me and my needs. One major change is that I’m sleeping quite well at the moment which is another novelty so from a mental health point of view I’m in a good place. Now to try to take advantage of that and do something about my physical health.

I’m never going to be a gym bunny and I hate running. When I did the Sport Relief 6 miles a couple of years ago I found the whole thing boring and painful at the same time. What I need to do is get some exercise and avoid the excesses that I’m prone to in the depression dips – then the solution to that is not to have it in the house in the first place! I’m never going to be skinny because of my build but I need to lose that stone or two I’ve put on over the last year or so. No point in sorting my head just for my waist to go to pot.

In terms of career I feel good about the possibilities that are out there. I’ve spoken with some really interesting and helpful people and have more meetings organised for the coming month. I just need the opportunity to show what I can do; the skills and abilities and energy and ideas and all I have to offer. The major thing is narrowing down the field that I am looking at to be more specific and targeted in my job hunt – making the decision to specialise in an industry i am interested in and not try to cast my net too wide. Identifying where all these skills are best used and I will find the challenge and work most rewarding is the first step for me.

One thing I need to do is ensure that we get away at some point this year – a holiday marked into the diary so I have a switching off point in sight. Not necessarily a big foreign trip – I really enjoyed driving round the UK last year and would happily do that again, but a little more organised this time! There are places that I have never been to and really want to see around the country, so we’ll get ourselves a big map, a notepad and a marker and work out a route and a list of all the places we want to go to. Jake’s already asked to go to Lego land in Windsor so that might have to be a consideration and I want to head down to Stonehenge then through to Devon and Cornwall as everyone raves about it down there.

Lots to think about and I’m going to do my best to stay positive about it – well about my part in it, you can guarantee there will be dozens of things that piss me off along the way. And that’s why I’ve got the blog!


Thoughts? Then share them!

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