Nick Griffin’s Skint


Nick Griffin


“British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin MEP has been declared bankrupt. A bankruptcy order was made at Welshpool County Court on Thursday.” – BBC Website

Why are we obsessed with these people – the Nick Griffins and Nigel Garages of the world? Are we or are we told to be by a press trying to stir up an issue where largely most normal sensible people couldn’t care less? It seems to me that since Blair was elected in 1997 there has been a missing element in politics and that’s “the bad guy”. On the left it’s been Foot and Kinnock, on the right it was Thatcher and Tebbit – now who do we have? When in mainstream politics the biggest “baddie” is Nick Clegg for joining a coalition with the Tories for the stability of the country, or Gideon Osbourne because he looks like a simpering school boy yet appears to have helped turn round the economy in a way no-one predicted then maybe we’re clutching at straws.

Griffin and Farage as pantomime baddies are not a major concern. In a country of 65 million people there are a tiny percentage of the population who would vote for them – the only danger is apathy amongst other voters where they don’t vote because they don’t think it makes a difference and occasionally one sneaks in. There is also the argument that we shouldn’t allow them on TV or to take part in shows like Newsnight and Question Time – that’s absurd because if you listen to their bile and nonsense it doesn’t take long to see how pathetic and ludicrous their points are.

With Romania and Bulgaria fully joining the EU and the lifting of the barriers of them to come here has seen the right-wing press stirring up the same group of idiots with their use of provocative language, made up statistics and scare stories. The Expr*ss using phrases like “Benefits Britain” and “Migration Flood” (poorly thought out in current weather conditions) are then followed up by real stories about real people and why they want to come here – most to have a life and opportunities they don’t at home. There’s a strange juxtaposition that these kinds of rags and politicians have to work: say how great the UK is, but say it’s not good enough to support more people. Especially foreign ones.

Yes there are discussions to be had about population, immigration and benefits etc, but can we please do it in a grown up way rather than this faux Britishness and pseudo patriotic pretence please? This nation is a mongrel nation and is brilliant because of that – our national dishes of Haggis (Greek), Chicken Tikka (Indian via Glasgow) and Fish and Chips (via the Jewish Community) alone show this. We have to stop this sabre rattling and worrying about the Griffins and Farages – and also looking for the “bad guys” – focus on the issues we have and improve them. That would be politics people could both engage with and find interesting.


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