It’s like we never said goodbye…


A man carrying a stack of work files


You wonder if you’d dreamt it, you know that two-week period where things were calm, quiet and relaxing. Was it real? I ask because sitting back here in Gallowgate Tower of Terror I’m not sure i ever left. Perhaps it’s all gone a bit Donnie Darko for me…

The emails start before you even log on as people – including lecturers – have decided that the best thing for them to do over the break was to email you and the students. Here’s something to keep you busy: Rearrange these words LIFE, GET, A. That should keep the simpletons amused for at least an hour or so. And the griping and moaning isn’t far behind – from colleagues as much as students. I was in a good mood when I came in this morning (to be fair I’m still in quite a good mood, but just needed a rant!).

My biggest issue is caring. I don’t want to be here any more. I’m not the only one either which makes it funny rather than anything else. I’ll still do my job: one because I want to get paid, and two because I need a reference, but my heart’s not in it. There’s a wicked smile on my face as the students who have been missing for much of the course start panicking that they will actually fail  – and it’s not like school where we have to ensure we get them through it, if they can’t be arsed there’s no reason for me to be on their behalf here. So every cloud…

Those two glorious weeks of rest evaporate away into the ether as the uncomfortable chairs, broken lifts, grumpy teenagers, skiving students, disheartened colleagues, lost passwords, confused faces, numerous questions, computer updates, too much caffeine, high winds battering the windows, and missed deadlines all line up to remove any sanity I had regained.

Tomorrow will be worse – because it’s like Monday again only with the tiredness of Monday added on top. It’s good to be back.


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