Before the lynch mob assembles…


Kular Family


The arrest of Rosdeep Kular in connection with the death of her son Mikaeel has sent shock-waves through the hearts of parents everywhere, but before the lynch-mobs assemble pitchforks, torches and calls for biblical eyes and teeth there are several things to consider. The main one is we have no idea what happened – none. We don’t have the first idea about any of this story and to call from everything from the return of hanging to the inevitable raking over of her and her family’s lives by the tabloids is not the right way to deal with this horrible situation.

Firstly look at the wording of the police statement, she has been “charged in connection with the death of Mikaeel Kular”. This could mean anything from a natural death and a cover up of that through to murder. To try to second guess the story behind the headlines is not only unhelpful, it’s wrong. Also we have to remember that we have a pretty good justice system in this country and the police and the rest of the criminal services do a great job in putting the pieces of the story together so can we all allow them to do their jobs and deal with her in the correct way. Please keep at the back of your minds that we have an innocent until proven guilty system in the UK – as far as I’m aware she has not yet been convicted of anything by a jury of her peers therefore we need to let the mechanics of the justice system do their job. Obviously if she is guilty of the most horrendous crime she should be punished accordingly, but by the same token if there is another angle to the tale justice will still be done.

Secondly consider the calls from those on the right for the return of the death penalty. While I don’t want to turn this into a fifteen year old’s discursive essay there is enough evidence out there to show that it is not a deterrent and in this case if it was not a premeditated crime there would be a reduced likelihood of that being the final punishment. Show me a country where the threat of the death penalty stops anyone from breaking the law. The only thing the death penalty does is it makes us the public feel better that the worst in society is removed making it safer. The flaw in that theory is that in countries with it as the ultimate sanction should by now be clear of crime, and last time I checked…

Finally there is something that none of us (hopefully) will understand – the capacity within us to take the life of our own child. We are animals with instincts no matter how we dress it up we all have the ability to be the best and the worst of our species – that’s just biology. To reach a point where we take a life, cover up a death, hide the truth or the ever greying shades that live around those events we don’t know what drives us to that point and the internal feelings and chemicals that lie behind it. This is not an apology, a justification or an excuse for the death of Mikaeel but I don’t know what goes in the mind of those round about me never mind someone who finds themselves in the darkest of all places of the human mind. Neither do you, we are not in a position to judge anyone who does this. Of course we have our opinions and we are all entitled to those, I would never question that, but to see these tragic events in black and white goes against everything we know about life.

Spin the story round and ask yourself this: Would you ever want to be in the position where you could do that to your child? Of course not, there are no sane, decent humans that would – and that’s my point. It’s not a liberal thing or a soft touch on the worst of crimes, but I cannot understand how I could ever get to that point and I never want to. Even if for one moment of pure madness it happened, that moment is gone as quickly as it arrived and the lifelong shadow of what you have done lives with you in every minute of your waking and dreaming life. Regardless of the truth behind the events that lead to his death and her arrest it is sadness and not anger that should be the overwhelming emotion.

None of us are perfect. At any moment in any of our lives things could take a turn in a direction we never considered possible and we react. How would you want the world to treat you from thereon? Whatever the truth, a family has lost one member of their family and the likelihood is a second will be taken in a different way. If it’s anger and revenge in your heart on these occasions then you have my sympathy, because all this makes me feel is sadness.


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