JD’s Bugbears: January Edition


skinny jeans

Skinny Jeans on Men (and most women)

Here’s the thing – you look like you have rickets. It’s not a good look because you need a certain body type and shape for it to work and too often it’s the overly thin people who wear them because they think it looks good, the truth is you look ill. It’s not jealousy on my part because I’m a porker, because even if I had the waistline and legs it wouldn’t be something I would wear. The other thing is you are paying more money and getting less product – where’s the sense in that when the economy is still struggling. Have a think and get yourself a decent pair or breeks!

Receipts that aren’t receipts

We live in a world where self service tills are becoming the norm. We are able to pop in to a shop like Boots, Markies or a supermarket and get something quickly and escape. Well we could if we didn’t have to wait five minutes for the fifteen random bits of receipt roll we are all issued with to pass before we finally get our actual receipt. It’s like spam emails but in a shop. “£5 off every £40 spend on cosmetics” well thanks very much but I just want a sandwich and to get out of here. Mind you there is the bigger issue here of companies offering all these discounts when they could just reduce the price in the first place. Which leads me to…

Sky pricing plans

Why is it you can offer me all the best deals when I’m not a customer? I realise I could have said this about banks or insurance companies as well, but there’s a real cheek from Sky to wait until you are unhappy before they decide you deserve to be rewarded for leaving – or at least threaten to. How is it I can be offered Movies and Sports for 50% for 3 months but you happily charged me £30 or so for months before that? I haven’t the time to constantly leave and rejoin, so please reduce your prices and keep your customers you greedy gits.

Immigration Ignorance

While I understand there are pressure points in the system and in specific geographical areas of the UK, we do not have a huge issue in this country with immigrants. The vast majority come here to work and live as we do and we should welcome them. In fact rather than getting behind the BNP or BNP Lite (UKIP) I suggest that we start trawling the lazy British people who sit and do nothing, who scrounge off the state rather get off their capable backsides and work – and we swap them for decent hardworking people who want to live here and improve the culture and society. The constant scaremongering that surrounds immigration is an embarrassment to a country who historically invaded everywhere else and currently goes to work and live in other countries to put up barriers and stop others coming here. “They don’t speak the language”..wonder how many Brits living in Spain speak Spanish?

Justin Bieber being “news”

Unless he cracks the meaning of life he’s not news. He’s a spoilt, pathetic, overrated singer who is just the latest brand of pop flavoured chewing gum to clog up the teenybopper’s ears. He is an irrelevance and any self-respecting parent should remove his “music” and influence from their child’s life unless they are saying that it’s a good thing to be arrested, to be drunk or high when driving, to assault a driver, to throw eggs at neighbours houses. I understand he’s young and you or I would more than likely push the boundaries too if we had his fame of money but you think someone around him would at least try to protect him from himself. It’s sad more than anything else – but then so are the events in Ukraine with the potential civil war; Central African Republic’s issues; Russia & India’s mistreatment of LGBT groups and individuals; those still trapped in floods in the south of England and many other real news stories – Bieber doesn’t belong in with those. His situation is not of a level to be heard alongside these true human tragedies.


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