The sadness of stating the bloody obvious



There’s often talk about the dumbing down of society and where possible I try to argue against this idea because largely I don’t think we are “stupider” or need everything spoonfed to us. Then you spend five minutes surfing the web only to discover that the idiots are out there stating the obvious and morons are constantly making an arse of life.

One of the biggest “duh” moments for me is the potential smoking ban in cars with children present. Like many others I am appalled at how inconsiderate many adults are around kids when it comes to smoking – I have no issue with smokers in general, it’s their own personal choice, but the kids shouldn’t be subjected to passive smoking. Why does this need to be spelt out in a law though? Surely the police aren’t going to patrol roads looking for that – it’s a real waste of resources that we just don’t have. Same with pregnant girls smoking – really annoys me – but again should we pass a law to cover that too?

Then there is all the finger-pointing and the blame game over the flooding in South West England. The government point at the Environment Agency, who in turn point at the local councils who in turn point to the skies. Hmm who’s to blame? IT DOESN’T MATTER! The important thing right now is to help those people trapped in their homes, save the admonishment for after the job has been done. Why does it take Prince Charles to visit before anyone in the media covered it or for politicians to realise there was a problem in the first place. I’ll give you a clue: The Met Office released a series of severe weather warnings for an area prone to flooding – it’s not rocket science!

Then there is the latest tragic death of a young child mauled by a dog – the parents are in custody arrested on a suspicion of child neglect. When are people going to learn that allowing their dogs in about babies is not a good idea as certain dogs and breeds of dogs will possibly attack the kid? Come on people get a bloody grip – there is enough information out there, stories in the newspapers and on TV to tell you that you should protect and separate your 11 month old from an animal. It is such an avoidable death that it beggar’s belief that someone would have to be told.

Finally there was almost the reverse of dumbing down this week with the Copenhagen Zoo’s actions in putting down one of their giraffes – Marius. From the outside it looks like a very strange thing for a zoo to do, but as always with these things once you see the full picture and understand that there was a more complex genetic reasoning behind it you can understand it. You might not agree with it but you can understand it. It was a decision taken by experts for scientific reasons and we have to respect that they know better than us on the street what is best. There’s a good explanation here on the BBC’s Website:

So are we dumbing down by teaching people basics or already dumbed down so much that we can’t explain a biological process of a giraffe to the public. Either way it seems the bleeding obvious is still something we use yet don’t fully understand at the same time.


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