Rain, can you just f*ck off now please?




And take the wind with you too? Seriously it’s really pissing me off now. I know that compared to our friends in the south and west we’re very lucky but it’s bringing everyone down just looking out the window at the torrential downpours everyday. It’s great if you are just sitting inside with the heating on full but unfortunately we have to leave the house occasionally and it’d be a change if we could do that without returning looking like an extra from Titanic. It’s the darkness that really gets me down, a lack of daylight and brightness to charge the old positive batteries – all we’ve had for weeks is a never-ending display of every grey known to a Dulux colour chart. I have always said I’d rather rain than snow because I hate having to drive in it – mostly because idiots take to the their cars forgetting how to adapt their driving style to the white stuff – but even I would welcome snow now just to have the occasional bright moment during a day.

The poor residents of South and South West England are much worse off than us though and your heart really does go out to them – it’s not their fault that there has been an unprecedented rainfall in the last eight weeks, but they are suffering because of it. And how are helped? By a series of  politicians now realising they should have become involved quicker and all donning the health and safety gear to meet the locals – just what we need: a High Viz Boris! Camoron and Milibland have both been down to point and stand around but that doesn’t help anyone, better they went back to London and worked together to try to find solutions and sort things out from their end rather than find themselves on the business end of a berating from locals.

The politician that is using this most to their own advantage though is the smug racist himself Nigel Farage who keeps appearing on TV, radio and in Newspapers to demand we take money for overseas aid and divert it to Somerset and other affected areas. What he fails to comprehend is that the government can do both and should do both. We give a tiny percentage of our GDP to foreign aid and while there are always discussions to be had about how it is spent, Farage is deliberately using this situation to push his “Bloody Foreigner” agenda. Giving it to governments who can afford to build rockets and have a nuclear programme but can’t afford to help their people do need to be looked at – but please don’t push the two issues together just to score some cheap points and stupid votes. Of course there are too many times we get it wrong and we should take a lead from groups and charities that only work with existing programmes and projects rather than the governments, but those people have much less than those caught up in the floods.

There are numerous projects, such as the renewal of Trident and the HS2 train project which is set to be a huge white elephant, that could be put on hold or scrapped in place of investing in flood prevention, river dredging and drainage issues across the UK. The short sightedness of both the incumbent government, previous administrations and  Mr Farage is scary – they need to see that the economy is hit much harder when whole areas of the country are under water. Also we need to acknowledge that the continual signing of agreements to allow building on flood plains across the UK by greedy and ignorant local councils is also to be noted. While it’s not time for blame now is the time to get something done rather than a photo opportunity in wellies and a luminous yellow jacket – unless they want to send Boris to Helmand in that for a laugh.

So rain, rain go away. We all enjoyed the amazing weather last summer but this is not a fair deal that we have cold, dark, wet and windy months to balance the meteorological spreadsheet!


Thoughts? Then share them!

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