Pound for Pound, Scotland’s better in the UK


A great interview that shows the complete lack of transparency and understanding the SNP have of the situation. Sturgeon is out of her depth here. (And I’m no fan of Andrew Neil either)

For me the Independence debate is like deciding that you want your bedroom to be independent but you demand that you get full use of the bathroom and kitchen. I would respect the Yes campaign more if they wanted full Independence but they seem to be opting for a pick ‘n’ mix approach that suits them but nobody else. I’ve nothing in principle against a country becoming independent, but I’ve yet to hear the compelling case that makes Scotland a good candidate to go it alone that stands up to any kind of scrutiny.

We’ll be unhappy regardless who is in charge, so don’t think that because it’s Edinburgh instead of London things will improve. The downside to the arrangement could be catastrophic – and that’s not scaremongering it’s just a fact. Beyond that I’m sick fed up of No voters being described as Anti-Scottish or unpatriotic; far from it, it’s because I love Scotland I want to protect it and make it as strong as possible within the UK. England, Wales and Northern Ireland are all our friends and we pull together and work to the best of all our needs – putting up a barrier to that makes little or no sense to me. I’m proud to be British, to be European as well and this romantic idea that Scotland will be a great nation on its own is misguided – if it can be great, it could do so as part of the Union too.

All it ever seems to come back to with the Yes campaign is money, but there are two important things to remind them:

1. The oil is not a nationalised industry owned by the people of the UK or Scotland. It is effectively owned by multi-national corporations with headquarters across the world and we know how the whole EU tax thing works with Amazon, Google and Starbucks. They can move their money elsewhere is things are looking bad at any point in the future.

2. The pipes that bring the fuel to shore can easily be moved to south of the border, again at the say so of the oil companies and the UK Government. They might be in a better position than us post independence to offer incentives to move.

I wonder if we didn’t have the oil in the equation would as many people be on the Yes side of the debate?


One thought on “Pound for Pound, Scotland’s better in the UK

  1. I am not sure you could move the pipes south of the border if the oil is in Scotland’s Territorial waters. After all we can’t drill in the Norwegian sector and pipe it back to the uk.
    I also wonder if the no camp have pulled out their trump card far too early. This gives the SNP seven months to lay out alternatives. It also looks like the UK based parties are acting in cahoots and jumping the gun -possibly trying to blackmail the us with threats. not a wise idea as we are generally proud stubborn sods who like to prove folk wrong.
    The next poll will be interesting.. My bet is it will not have much impact.
    What has happened elsewhere when countries have went independent? It can’t be that unusual for new currencies to spring up. Maybe we should use bitcoin!!

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