If days had off buttons…


off switch


Do you ever find yourself wishing your life had a standby switch, or even an off button until you were ready to get things going again? You know what I mean it’s that feeling you get not long into the day when you know you are never going to get this time back again and you’ve got so many other things that you’d rather be doing? Well that was today – and it’s becoming a more regular experience. It reminds me of that terrible film “Switch” with Adam Sandler (to be fair this is a phrase that has been used for all his films since Happy Gilmour) where he has a remote control and can fast forward and pause his life. I know I’d miss a lot but at least you could skip work most days.

I think the big issue at the moment is all the things that are almost happening, but aren’t quite in place yet – and unfortunately they are things that I can’t really blog about at the moment which is why I’ve been largely absent from my keyboard this week because all I want to write about are those things. It’s really frustrating to be so close to those opportunities yet not have anything confirmed but both of which are things that I’ve always wanted to do since I was younger. Both would allow me to express myself fully and work in environments I love and know I’d enjoy.

Back to today and I found myself on more than one occasion questioning why I bother going into work at all when there only a handful of students really interested in learning – I mean I get that the subject is not what they signed up to do, but they must understand that the skills they get are a means to an end and will allow them to do their job properly. When I made the move into further education I thought I’d have to fight less for the attention in class, but the sad truth is that I have to fight even more than ever and the pleasure that I got in the secondary sector was from the interaction and the interest shown. Too many at the level I’m at now don’t care and you have no real power to do anything about their attendance. There are a handful who want to work and will go on and do well, so you try to ensure they get the most out of their time but the others can spoil it.

The sooner things move in Project Sshhhhh volumes one and two the better – my mouth (or keyboard) won’t be able to stay quiet for much longer!!!


Thoughts? Then share them!

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