nothing white


I enjoy silence. The nothingness.

I sat today and did nothing. I loved it. It doesn’t happen enough.

Moments of silence. Nothingness. Clearing your head of all thoughts and just being.

The ticking of the clock. The gaze into the middle distance. Hearing sounds from rooms and roads far away.

We are surrounded by the latest technology that lets us do every we want to instantly but won’t allow us to do nothing. To just sit and stare and listen and relax.

The sun was shining so I sat in the countryside and ate my lunch surrounded by fresh air and empty thoughts. The occasional car went past interrupting the tranquillity I had found but it was only temporary.

No emails full of questions. No texts with instructions. No knocks on the door with requests for time. No calls to ask questions that didn’t need asking.

It is possible even in our modern world to stop. It’s just we’ve lost the skill and ability to do it without feeling guilty.

We shouldn’t feel guilty. It’s our time. We can spend it as we see fit. Without judgement.

You get to the point where you’re almost happy. Then you remember.

Life must continue. Then all the hard work is gone.

Nothing isn’t easy.


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