Rangers deserve more credit?



According to former defender Davie Weir, Rangers (Mk II) deserve more credit than they are getting for having won two leagues on the trot. Yes David, it must be hard for a team of overpaid full timers with all the facilities they have and the volume of supporters to struggle through against part-time, underpaid players. How on earth did they manage it?

The problem with giving this team credit is that they usually only get that from loan sharks or wonga.com and we know how well they deal with that. There are still so many questions surrounding the club (in whichever version they are pretending to be this week) involving money that there is still no clarity and frankly I’m surprised how much they are getting away with. Borrowing money with a 30% interest rate is not sound business – especially a million pounds; yet another share option which appears to be to protect those involved when – not if – the club goes into administration by diluting the shares; and losses of over £14m show just how badly the club are doing.

The players and manager are being asked – almost on a monthly basis at the moment – to take wage cuts to bail out the club and there are few stepping forward to put their money in because of issues with other investors and the board. The club has become a punchline of a joke everyone stopped finding funny a long time ago. Also no-one in the top flight misses them. Celtic are doing all right without their old firm opponents and the other teams are all jostling for position with teams taking points from each other making the whole league more interesting this year. Two years in we’re happy without them and I’d rather they didn’t come back.

So David Weir, no they don’t deserve any credit really because it’s was their own fault they ended up in the position they found themselves in. Badly run, bad attitude on the pitch, and a bad influence on the Scottish game overall. personally I’d be happy to see them disappear permanently.


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