Peter Pawlett Baby – Bare Faced Cheek!


Peter Pawlett


In the last 24 hours there have been two brilliant uses of Social media – one for fun and one serious – but they show how great a tool these sites can be (rather than the dire Neck Nominations we endured a few weeks ago).

The first is the fun – A campaign started by Aberdeen F.C. fans to try to get the song “Don’t you want me Baby” by the Human League to Number one on Sunday since the fans changed the words to “Peter Pawlett baby”. Over the last couple of months the song has become a huge favourite with the fans and watching the success in the League Cup final on Sunday past I did wonder why the song was ringing out around Celtic Park. Now it’s all clear and in today’s midweek chart the song is already sitting at number 21.

Local stations have been playing it and supporting the campaign but today it went national with both Scott Mills on Radio 1 and Steve Wright on Radio 2 singing the Dons fans version on their shows this afternoon. Off the back of a (boring game but) fantastic win for the team it’s a great bit of fun for fans and players to enjoy the lead up to the parade through Aberdeen this Sunday – and a top ten hit would be the cherry on the cake.

On the serious side there has been a trend for “No Make-up Selfies” from girls as each model then nominates their friends as women unite to spread the word, raise money and awareness for women to check themselves for breast cancer. As someone who knows many people who have fought and won against cancer I know how important the self examination can be. Well put it this way, if I hadn’t check myself I might not have been here to write this.

I wonder though how many men check their chests? Around one in ten cases of breast or chest cancer is found in men and they need to be aware of the checking procedure too.

Here it is for both sexes:

breast check


So buy up your songs, take your selfies, check yourself and see your GP if there’s anything unusual there and of course make a donation to one of the many brilliant Cancer charities out there to support campaigns and research helping people across the country.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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