Are we getting the politicians we deserve?


miliband selfie goveselfie


In the last few weeks we’ve had Michael Gove performing Wham Rap and taking selfies, Milibland taking selfies with Joey Essex and Lily Allen, Diane Abbott live tweeting Tony Benn’s funeral, Mike Russell not being honest about the legal advice he was given about Scottish Uni tuition fees, Iain Duncan Smith misleading the House of Commons on the Bedroom Tax and Welfare reforms, Nigel Farage opens his mouth and lies about the EU on TV and in Aberdeen the misuse of tax payers money to send out election material with the council tax notices. Why is it that the most sensible voice in politics in the last week or so has been Kermit the Frog?

What’s the solution Bagpuss for Prime Minister – of course not he’s always asleep, Mr Benn would be a much better idea obviously. But the serious point is we have a group of people in charge of us from national to local level who just don’t seem to understand what absolute pig’s arse’s they are making of the jobs they were voted in to do. Who’s to blame? I’m afraid the answer is us.

We don’t take politics very seriously until it directly affects us. Whether it’s voting, discussing the issues of the day or campaigning about things that have an impact on those we know and love we are all guilty of running hot and cold on our democratic rights. Turn outs of 30 – 40% for local elections let in the kind of pointless and feckless morons like Willie Young and Barney Crockett in to do great damage to our city. I’m normally a Labour man but their behaviour over this last year or so has been an embarrassment topped off with the sending out of literature to promote the No vote in September’s referendum. This was a misuse of public funds in my opinion and even though I support the No campaign this was wrong and should not have been allowed under any circumstances – all it does it motivates the Yes vote anyway.

In Scotland we have the opposite problem with the SNP spending money on promoting the Yes campaign using tax payers money. The continual lies, refusal to answer questions and to be open about all the legal advice they have been given on issues connected to the Independence debate is a disgrace. It should be a warning to those who want to separate that this bunch of chancers are just as duplicitous as the other parties and should be under no illusion that there will be a new politic in a “free” Scotland.

Last week the death of Tony Benn reminded us what a real conviction politician should be. While you might not have agreed with everything he said – few did – you have to respect the man for his passion and hard work to do the best for majority and not for himself. Yes he had his flaws and in the 80s lost his way a bit focussing on personal success at the cost of his party he did what he believed in and that should always be admired. What do our politicians of today believe in? No one really knows because until they have taken several polls of public opinion they can’t decide how they feel.

And therein lies the biggest issue. The politicians are looking to us to tell them what to think on the subjects of the day – this is wrong. We vote them in and we speak as a collective at elections. If they were brave enough to stand on solid and focussed principles and through our democracy they get voted in we can then ensure they follow through with their promises. Thatcher and Blair were both hugely unpopular but at least they had visions – no one cares or feels strongly enough about Camoron, Milibland or Clegg because they don’t stand for anything.

Maybe we need to be braver and vote for independent candidates who stand for something rather than tiny cogs of huge machines that have no voice. Maybe more of us need to stand up and be counted and seek office to stop these half-wits. You might scoff but we are only a couple of elections away from the possibility of Boris Johnson as our Prime Minister – you won’t be laughing then.



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