Bye Bye Nuts



Not the first time I’ve had to say that in my life…

This is the demise of the “Lad’s mag” Nuts as the publication disappears from the shelves because of the availability of porn online for the same market. Fingers crossed this is the start of the end for all these trashy mags and then we can get rid of page three girls next. Nothing against them personally (insert your own joke here) but really can we have national newspapers with topless women in them only for the titillation of the male readers in the 21st Century?

I’m not a prude and have no issues with pornography or nudity and women making a lot of money out of these careers, but there is no real place for it on the magazine shelves any more. We’ve always had raunchy photoshoots with celebs in magazines like FHM but at least they were reasonably fun & tasteful rather than just a kit off, photos taken. The way Nuts and Zoo approached the market was to try to pretend they weren’t really porn, but just a bit of fun – the truth is it was porn and I’d have had more respect for them if they’d just been up front about it (if you excuse the pun!).

The ready availability of porn across the internet is a slight concern and there are plenty of websites that need to be closed down due to their content of children, abuse and other horrific images, but there is a slight upside that is never talked about. The access to porn is now such that it’s no longer such a distant, tantalising thing. It’s something that couples can share, individuals can enjoy in the privacy of their own home and sensible people can access as they need to. It’s not facing you as you queue in the post office or newsagents with awkward questions from your kids.

The other issue that is often talked about in this area is the idea of the “gateway” to harder images and films – an argument taken from the war on drugs – but like that self-same argument it’s only a truism for a small amount of people. I agree that there is an oversexualisation of our kids these days and that we should allow them to be kids for as long as possible without being exposed to these things – and we can do that with the internet through blocking specific sites and having other privacy settings (much easier than our parents could have done with the jazz mags in the woods of our childhoods!)

It was the shallowness of Nuts that annoyed me – the idea that it was art of some kind, making “stars” out of regular girls by getting them to pose instead of the celebs when it was more down to money than design I’m sure. I’m glad it’s gone and I hope the others follow suit soon.


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