Guess who’s back?


Once upon a time


After taking a few months off I’ve decided that there are too many things clogging up my head to not write the blog again.

When last we met I was lost in a job I was beginning to loathe, meds that weren’t quite containing the Bi-Polar bear inside and I wasn’t in a good place. Since then I have added new meds into the mix and am on the trail of new opportunities work-wise. Still not in the best place I can be but there is much to be positive about at the moment. One advance has been getting involved with a new band – “The Limit” – and starting to find my feet again after so long away from the microphone. Great guys and musicians it looks like being a really fruitful enterprise as we take what they had, combine it with my experience and hopefully go on to create a better product again. Having this outlet is important to me, and it took being away for over a year and a half to realise just how important music performance is for me. The ability to let go of all the issues of the week on a Friday or Saturday allows me to both earn extra money as well as dust off the problems and cobwebs life throws at you.

The world of work is a complicated place at the moment and in a future blog I’ll get that area off my chest, but for now I’m still looking for the right avenue to combine with working weekends with the band. The amount of rejection letters and emails has been surprising, but then the lack of the mythical “experience” in Aberdeen’s famed Oil and Gas Sector as well as the blinkered vision of what a teacher is actually capable of and the transferable skills has left me wondering how I can escape. I think there may be light at the end of this tunnel but it’s still too soon to say. Finding the happy medium between a full time job a da weekend hobby has to be balanced against the family and my own health – too big a commitment could send me completely mad.

So why is the blog back now? Well there has been so much in my life, in the news and talking points I felt that I had to have a platform again to moan, shout, cheer and vent so I’m back. Not everyone will be happy though…




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