Weigh to go!



With two of the sets of tablets that I’m on being ones that can add weight on as a side effect I’ve found I’ve really put the pounds on in the last few months – not just a few either! Clothes are the first giveaway; when the trousers that fitted last time you wore them are now being held together by a wish and a prayer you know it’s time to do something.

I’ve always been a larger fellow and I know that I’ll never be a medium or large fit – I’ll always shop in the XLs – but at the moment it’s uncomfortable and that’s the main issue I have. I don’t want to go out and buy a heap of new clothes because I’ve gotten bigger because it’s like telling yourself you accept that’s how big you are and you’re not going to lose it. Mind games against yourself are always fun. I know my diet’s not the best but it’s probably the lack of exercise that really does it for me.

So I joined a gym – for the fourth time in twelve years. I hate gyms and the preening gym bunnies that pose in front of the mirrors but needs must and at least I will be doing something rather than nothing which has got to help. I suppose I find them intimidating; I’ve never been good at sports and was always chosen last in PE team games. I know it’s not my forte but there is an etiquette to these warehouses of pain and I just don’t fit in. I don’t have the right gear for a start – shorts & trainers are fine but I’m not wearing anything that clings on top because I look ridiculous, so it’s a t-shirt that doesn’t belong in a gym with cartoon characters or silly phrases. I might as well have TWAT written across it.

Then there’s the fact I’m getting older and parts of me creak and crack more than they ever did before – probably not helped by the extra weight I’m carrying. My dodgy ankle always plays up and recently my right hip has joined in. I’m not a runner so I just go for a brisk walk on the running machine and use the bike or cross trainer too. Half an hour to forty-five minutes then a sit in the steam room and jacuzzi which I love – apart from the people in it. Because I can go during the day you’re often left with a bunch of retired men (who all know each other and chat about the same things every day) or offshore workers home for their break. Everyone’s chatting and I just want peace and quiet to relax not listen to three overweight septuagenarians drool over a young female in for a swim.

So the gym and watching the diet will hopefully help bring me back down the scales again. Once I’m back to work I’ll be in a pattern of going on my home, because at the moment being the holidays I’ve got the kids or we’re doing things as a family. Excuses, excuses!



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