Sky – the art of the rip off



It’s an open secret that Sky charges different people different amounts for their packages – threaten to leave and all of a sudden you are offered the deal of a lifetime. The other option is leave and phone up a couple of days later and you get the same deal. What price loyalty?

I’ve been a customer for over ten years now and I’ve only had a “deal” out of them once because we were moving so they gave us a fancy new box with more storage as we added multiroom. But this business model seems to be the same across all aspects of services from landlines and mobiles to cars and houses – there is more to eek out but you have to push the supplier to get it. I understand that they have to make a profit but why is loyalty in today’s market so undervalued.

Another example is banks – want a great credit card rate, a free overdraft and £100??? Then switch to someone else because your bank couldn’t care less about you – they have you so why should they work to keep you? To the man on the street it seems ridiculous that we are treated this way – and more to the point that we largely accept it as standard practice mostly because we’re too busy to change or think it’s going to be a hassle.

Surely if you offered a bonus package instead for milestones of continued loyalty you would not only retain the business but increase it. At five years your bank writes off your overdraft or your mortgage company gives you a three-month payment holiday. At ten years perhaps sky would give you a year’s free Sports and Movies package as a thank you for sticking with them.

It is a problem we see throughout society – being fickle and showing a slight interest gets a reward rather than hard work and loyalty. How often do you hear about the problem kids in schools getting trips and treats because they behaved for a week but the kids who get their heads down week in, week out are ignored. We reward the wrong people – those who move from company to company get huge wage increases but the loyal employees get left behind.

Sky’s model epitomise all that is wrong in terms of loyalty these days. Run off and dump the business or client and if they return give them the best deal possible – or stick with it and be punished. Just doesn’t add up for me.


PS If you’ve read all nine hundred odd blogs I’ve written you are entitled to a lie down and a break. See, just rewards!

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