Ice Bucket Challenge – A Rant



Don’t worry this is not a tirade against the challenge as I did it myself this morning, instead it’s against those who have hijacked it, derided it and misunderstood it – three things it should be simple to avoid.

First the Hijackers – Macmillan Cancer. This a charity I will always donate to as I am more than aware of the amazing work that they do for people across the UK, but this is not their challenge. The Ice Bucket Challenge is for ALS in the US or as we know it MND, Motor Neurone Disease. This horrible and debilitating illness attacks the nerves in the brain and the spinal cord and gradually stops the messages from travelling through the body to muscles meaning the inability to move limbs occurs and the muscles waste away. It is a slow and nasty way to die. The idea of the Ice bucket is that for a moment it gives you and I the same sensation of someone with developed MND has as our muscles loose feeling and we feel an overall numbness.

Macmillian are now the top hit on Google when you type in Ice Challenge and that’s wrong because it should be MNDA or MNDS (Association or Scotland) with the donation info of “TEXT ICED14 £5 to 70070” instead the Cancer charity appear with their own advert. MND are a much smaller charity, but a charity that is doing great work to find a medical breakthrough for those with the disease. Over the last few weeks Macmillan have raised over a quarter of a million pounds from this social media phenomenon and it’s unfair as they are bigger and there is the obvious fact that more people suffer from or knows someone with Cancer. As a former cancer patient myself and a supporter of a few different cancer charities I cannot condone what Macmillan are doing. This smaller group need the funds AND the spotlight as they can’t do the big events.

Second – The Haters (as I believe the kids put it). If you don’t want to do it, don’t. It’s that simple. For me if anything gets people to put their hands in their pockets and give to someone less fortunate than themselves then it can only be a positive thing. “Oh it’s wasting water, think of Africa and those without” fine if you feel that way then make a donation to Wateraid or one of the amazing charities doing work out in countries across Africa.

Finally those who have misunderstood it. As I’ve explained there is a reason behind it and Charlie Sheen and some others thought it was just about money – it’s not. Also those who are posing and waffling on in their videos, can you please get a grip and remember it’s not about you, it’s for charity.

So if you do the challenge text ICED14 £1/2/3/5/10 (choose your donation amount) to 70070.

If you need another reason to donate then watch this video.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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