A Plague on both your houses


plague illustration

I only watched a bit of the referendum debate tonight but I’m really fed up of the whole thing now – can we just fast forward to Sept 19th and get on with our lives?

The reason I say this is that Mr Salmond said he didn’t think that the debate had become divisive or damaging and he’s wrong. He was right that it has engaged the country in talking about the most important issues, but to not see the irreparable split in our nation is very short-sighted.

There are only just over five million of us in Scotland, we’re a small country that has survived on being a collective as part of the UK – now we’re turning on each other. If you don’t believe me take a look on any thread from either side and you’ll see the trolls at work shouting and stomping their feet. Newspaper comments are the same, for me this is not something we’ll all just put aside – I wish it was, but as things get closer to the date I’m seeing the darker side of some people online.

Also the vandalism I’ve personally seen to “No Thanks” billboards, signs etc is unbelievable. I’ve honestly yet to see a “Yes”one damaged although I am aware it has happened. I’m not just pointing this out because I’m a no voter, but there seems to be a certain pressure put upon those voting against as our “Scottishness” is being questioned. Having spoken to a lot of people about it there are many getting annoyed with the whole thing and others who are annoyed that to want to stay in the UK is seen as unadventurous or unpatriotic.

I know that this is a subject that many are passionate about – myself included – but it’s not as if we’re going to cordon off Glasgow if it’s a no vote and herd all the Yes voters in (although it is a good idea…) we will still have to live, work and speak to those on the opposite side and there are some things said that can’t be taken back.

More than anything else this is the thing that worries me most about the 18th of September, not if it will be a Yes or No, but if we will all still be that gang north of the border that have achieved so much together.


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