The Gun Show



“Daddy can I have a shot of the guns please?”

“No dear we’ll take you to a firing range, it’ll be safer”

“Okay but only if I can play with a sub-machine gun”

“Of course sweetie, it is your ninth birthday after all!”

This is not the first, and sadly it won’t be the last blog on our idiot cousins and their gun fetishes. Stick your Second Amendment up your arse and take a good look at yourself America because the day a child is allowed to “play” with a semi automatic weapon, shoot her trainer in the head and it not be a wake up call is the day your excuses died.

Charles Vacca was showing the nine-year-old how to fire the weapon when she lost control of the weapon and accidentally shot him at a place called “Bullets and Burgers” in  Arizona – a lovely family friendly name I’m sure you would agree. This venue allows “children aged eight and older can shoot a weapon if they are accompanied by a parent and an instructor” – tell me what’s wrong with a nice game of ten pin bowling or a walk in the park? Of course the girl could have a weapon in pink if she wanted because there are lots of pro-gun female groups around now that have “fashion” versions of hand guns and rifles. Great idea guys; the colour was always he issue wasn’t it.

You struggle to have sympathy with anyone in this story because they are all at fault in their own way. The parents should not have taken her there in the first place – why teach a child to use the type of weapon that is associated with so many mass shooting across America each year? The range and trainer were culpable because they gave a child a powerful gun that she was never going to cope with. The child had obviously been brought up by a gun loving family so perhaps there is some sympathy but in the end she wanted to do it so the consequences lie with her too. While I’m sure the mental scarring will be terrible I struggle to really feel for her in this situation.

WHen will the US finally realise that guns are central to so many issues in their country? Look at Ferguson, Missouri – take away the guns and Michael Brown may not have been shot; Recent gang violence in Chicago would not have been as bad; the constant stories of mass shootings in schools, colleges and on the street would disappear. Is it just me that can see this? Why is the NRA – a small group of people in relation to the population of the United States – so powerful and have so many Republicans under its thumb? It genuinely baffles me. Obama has tried to do something about the problem but as always those on the right screaming about the right to bear arms shout him and his Democrats in the two houses down.

The other thing to point out is that it’s not just the guns that are the problem here, it’s the people and environment people grow up in. Many countries across the globe have the right to own and carry guns but none have the death rates or issues America does. It’s in in-built to their psyches, pre-programmed into many as if a genetic code clicks in them as the trigger is pulled. Yes we all grew up playing games with toy guns – Nerf guns are hugely popular in the UK – but if you consider that we have over 2 million legally owned firearms in the UK we don’t have shootings every other week. Even if we take into consideration all the illegal guns on the streets of the UK, usually linked with gang violence, drugs or organised crime that may be up to another million weapons shootings are few and far between in this country.

If you hold a weapon up as a right, as Americans do, you automatically make it more important than it is. It should be a tool not an accessory. As long as there are a lack of background checks, few restrictions on those with serious mental illness owning a weapon, and a two hundred and fifty year old bit of paper being held up as a template for modern-day USA then we’ll continue to see this idiocy and tragedy on our news.


2 thoughts on “The Gun Show

  1. LiveMike78

    Not specific to this particular event, but as ever the Onion hits the target right in the kill zone:

    ‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

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