Dear No Voters


no thanks

It’s time to stand up and be counted – don’t worry about the bully boy tactics of Alex Salmond and his cronies, you have every right to express your opinion. We are proud to be Scottish but also proud to be British – they do not own the Saltire in this referendum, nor do they have a monopoly over everything that is great about this Country.

And that’s an important point: we are a country already with a devolved parliament. We already have powers to change this country and with a No vote you will get more; safer, faster and stronger powers whilst still having the family of the UK together as one. We have to stop listening to those who say that every piece of news against independence is “scaremongering” because most of it isn’t at all – if giant companies like Shell, BP, John Lewis, Asda, and Lloyds are warning us there will be a negative impact on us, then maybe we should listen – they have nothing to gain from getting involved otherwise.

To be constantly shouted down by the Yes camp because we’re pointing out the issues that independence will bring is wrong. Pointing out that we could be worse off financially is such an important consideration in this vote. Consider your mortgage, your kids ability to go into further education, your parents and grandparents pensions and care, the price of your weekly shop, the pound in your pocket – these aren’t “scare” stories, they are the reality you and I will have to face every day after independence. For how long? Well we don’t know. Most analysts are saying it could be between twenty and thirty years until things sort themselves out and for me that would take me up potentially until I’m 66 years old – I don’t want to spend the three decades struggling to make ends meet in a volatile country.

We also know that Scotland has a bias towards the Central Belt in policy and budgets, do you really believe that will change in an Independent Scotland? Look at the difference in time scale or the New Forth Road Bridge compared to the length of time we’ve waited in Aberdeen for the mythical bypass to be built. We know that with the majority of the population being in Edinburgh, Glasgow and everything in between that they will get the most attention – so how is this any better for those who live north of there compared to being governed from Westminster?

I was chatting with a Better Together campaigner yesterday and he said many No voters were scared to put up posters or speak out about their voting intentions because of the attacks both verbal and physical that an idiot minority of the Yes camp decided were necessary. By the same token there have been those on the No side who have over stepped the mark and I’m not advocating that either; but be heard, be seen and be strong. This is our country and our voices and opinions count just the same as any others in this week of the vote.

We are realistic about oil, industry, currency, finance and everything else – it’s not about patriotism, it’s about wanting a country we love to continue to be strong as part of a bigger picture. So stay strong, put up your no posters and help Scotland continue to be a strong and important place to live and work in.



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