Dear Undecideds


Yes and no campaigners in scottish referendum

Sorry guys but you have the deciding votes. With there being only 6% between the sides in the latest polls the “Undecideds” hold the real power in Thursday’s Referendum. So the famous line goes, “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility”- No pressure then.

It would be easy for me to say you should vote No with my side of the argument, but instead I’m going to pose a few questions that you need to consider before you enter that polling booth on Thursday – and please do vote, even if you only make up your mind at that last second as it’s too big an opportunity to lose. You need to make up your own mind.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Politicians lie. We know that his is a fact and everyone across the spectrum of opinion on the Referendum will be saying things only to get your vote. So you have to look at it this way: Go with the liar we know and hate from Westminster and the Devolved Scottish Parliament on the No side, or the Liars on the Yes side of the campaign. Which has a better track record and where is your voice and vote really heard?

2. Is the timing right? Look at the way things are. Neither side has a strong lead and we’re split 50/50. Would it not be better to let this Referendum go and then have a real open conversation and have another referendum in a few years time when there is a consensus?

3. Can we afford it? With the UK, EU and world economy just recovering is it the right time to unsettle things again for ourselves? Do you put the recent growth at risk for a gamble that might not pay off?

4. What are we actually getting? We don’t know what lies ahead after a yes vote, but we do have a fair idea if it’s No. Again should we take the time to negotiate and discuss the future without timetables putting false deadlines on massive decisions?

5. If you are truly undecided isn’t there only one sensible option for you? Yes is not an impulse vote – the complete change of course, a new uncharted one, should not be like an impulse buy at the checkout of a supermarket when you throw a Mars Bar on the conveyor belt. If you are at all unsure isn’t the sensible and decent thing to do is Vote No? Yes shouldn’t be a whim or the result of a toss of a coin – it’s too important for that.

The power you have to swing the result in either direction scares both sides. So here’s some unimpartial advice:

  • Look at your own circumstances because you know and understand them – could you afford an unsettled period of between twenty or thirty years in your life?
  • Listen to your head – while your heart will be filled with the best of Scotland, your head knows the reality. It’s not a gut reaction you need but a sensible considered approach.
  • Don’t be swayed by the bullying tactics and scaremongering on either side. Think about yourself – be selfish, how would you be better off personally and as a family?
  • In the legal system we have a thing called doubt that plays an important part in making a decision. If you have doubts then No is the sensible option.

I would ask you to vote No if you are at all unconvinced by the policies of the Yes side – this is something that cannot be undone. The rest of the UK would not take us back, it’ll be a messy break up with bitterness on both sides. There is however the vote no now, vote yes next time option. We can hold a referendum whenever we want in the future; a second chance to discuss the ideas and policies properly – voting yes will not give you any other options than starting down an unknown road. While it might seem like fun or a laugh to see where we end up think about your mortgage, your kids’ education. your parents’ and grandparents’ welfare, pensions and care, taxes, the money in your pocket and all the jobs involved – possibly even your own.

Good Luck



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