Dear Yes Voters



I get it. I understand your aims and objectives. I see that you want that Independence from everyone and want to thrive on your own. To be ruled from within and make your own decisions, successes and mistakes. In the romantic sense of Independence I’m with you. Where we have to go our own ways is the day-to-day reality of living and working in Scotland if it were to become independent.

Please stop calling it scaremongering is someone point out there might be an issue with Independence because if we lie to ourselves about what this country could and should be we start on the wrong foot straight away. It’s not going to be easy; negotiations where one party has 5 million behind them and the other has over 60 million people there is a real chance that we won’t walk away with the deal we need. It’s not about oil or politicians or financial institutions, it’s about us as a people.

I hate the fact we have food banks in this country too, but independence won’t solve that. I hate that the minimum wage isn’t a true minimum wage, but independence won’t solve that. I hate the Tories too, but just because you have your own independent parliament doesn’t mean you will always get the government you vote for – only 25% of people voted for an SNP government at the last Scottish Parliament elections but the way the vote worked they became the majority party – so was that what Scotland “wanted”?

Independence is not a magic wand that will solve all of societies ills – in fact according to most independent sources and experts it will be a difficult journey that will take a long time to sort – if it ever does. I like the idea of this utopia painted by Alex Salmond and can see the appeal of it, but I am too long in the truth to think that one vote changes the world – see Blair 1997 and Obama 2008 as prime examples. Do you remember waking on that May morning in 1997 with the first Labour Government for 18 years and the expectations we all had. Now with hindsight it was terrible at times. It started well with good intentions but…

It’s not wrong to want the best for your country and I would never argue that it wasn’t – but think about this: 97% of eligible voters in Scotland ave registered to vote on Thursday, what if they all voted all of the time for all of the elections? What if that was echoed across our neighbouring countries of Northern Ireland, Wales and England – wouldn’t we have the parties and politicians we wanted then instead of a 0 – 50% turnout. The vote for real change has been on offer every time the polls have opened – how many of you the Yes voters have taken that opportunity? Have you not bothered because you didn’t like what the main four parties offered?

You could have voted for other parties, for independent candidates – hell, you could have stood yourself. This is not the ONLY chance we have of making Scotland better and the kind of country it has the capacity to be – don’t believe those who tell you this is the chance of a lifetime because we could have another referendum whenever we wanted – preferably one where the nation was united in its aims rather than the divided and unhappy state it is currently in.

While you have every right to vote Yes, I would ask you this: It is genuinely the best option for Scotland right now at this moment in time with economies still recovering from the international fallout of the toxic debt and sub prime mortgage issues? Is it a positive step when half your countrymen & women disagree with you? When the uncertainties outweigh the knowns of tomorrow and the next three decades? I love Scotland and its history, culture and people – my No vote makes me no different from you, I want the best for us all.

Think on this – we’ve got to this point without a single shot being fired. In terms of getting the possibility of independence this has been a triumph for the UK and Scotland. In my opinion the timing is wrong and we are too divided in opinion to go ahead with it now. Let’s start a real conversation that means we can start agreeing on more that we disagree on and have this referendum again in the future when Scotland is actually ready for it.

Voting yes will not solve all the problems, it will cause many more in the short to medium term – this time I’d suggest you vote No to ensure that next time it’s a resounding Yes instead of the whisper we have now.


3 thoughts on “Dear Yes Voters

  1. When would be a good time for us to vote for independence? There will always be “something” standing in the way – be it just coming out from a slump or some other reason – no one has a crystal ball and no one knows what the future holds. There could be another economic slump tomorrow, a war, whatever, there will never be perfect conditions. The reason why folk haven’t voted is because they feel their vote doesn’t matter and doesn’t make a difference in the past – at least we have gotten some enthusiasm going for it! We’ve known this was coming and who’s to say even if there’s a no vote and another push for a referendum that we won’t be facing the same situation again. We are already a divided nation calling ourselves the United Kingdom/Great Britain.

    • Fair point, but here’s the question for you: do you really think we’ve had a proper open and honest chat about the Scotland we want? All we’ve had is bickering and divisive politics. I’d rather we stopped working to a deadline and started a conversation out with the political party lines.

  2. Right there John, the political debates have been horrendous and a waste of time. I’ve learned nothing from them and have come to my conclusion in my own time, after finding things out for myself. I’m not saying my view is right, but if the boot was on the other foot and the UK was ruled from Edinburgh, oil was found off the south coast of England and they wanted independence, I bet we’d be making noises to keep the Union together then! I’m not sure how we would go about deciding what kind of Scotland we want without involving the politicians and we’ve known this was coming since the SNP was elected, but we have 5 days to go and it’s only now that the debates are getting going.

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