Job Search restarts



All average things must also come to an end and it’s time to move again – not because I’m not enjoying the job, but because the money is almost non-existent. Sales is not an easy area at the best of times as you are reliant on others for your wage instead of putting in the hours for a guaranteed pay packet. The job I’ve been doing was commission only and after the last six to eight weeks of next-to-nothing coming in its time to find a more reliable income source again.

The one benefit that has come from the last few months in sales is that I don’t need to be making thousands to live and be happy – something you don’t see when there’s a regular wage – you just need to be able to pay the bills and find a work/life balance. I used to look through the vacancies with an almost snobbish attitude, but now I realise that there are both great jobs and very talented people right through the pay spectrum. Also the realisation that Aberdeen truly is a false economy when it comes to pay. I’ve sold to lots of people and found those on the big bucks are doing little for their money whilst those on minimum wage or civil service pay are just getting by. Yes it’s something we all assume but when you chat with these people you can see the real size of the gap we have in society in terms of pay.

Not that I grudge those who make twice what I did in teaching for a reasonably simple desk job, because that was my choice – I took the decisions to put myself there. Now out from the academic and “public service” clouds I have a much more realistic view of work. While there is still a stigma associated with being a teacher and the business industry’s blinkered approach to transferable skills I am more determined than ever to rise above it and force employers to see the huge skills bank you actually need to be a teacher. Combine that will the amass of new tricks from sales and all the previous work I have done with “Referendum” and now “The Limit” I’m no longer lacking the confidence to go for the jobs I think I have the abilities for.

There will always be a resistance to teachers moving into business unless they carry a science or business background, but it shouldn’t stop those who have left, or wish to leave the job behind, from being successful in other spheres of work. Time to update the CV and get myself back out there.


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