Once, Twice, Three times a Daddy



At the end of May our house will be five strong as we are expecting our third child – and no it’s not a mistake before anyone pipes up! We decided earlier this year that we’d try for another one but we didn’t think that it would happen as quickly as it did. All four of us are excited to meet the new addition next year. It was always Jill’s decision to make as it is her who has to go through the physical strains involved and she decided that she wanted another. I would have been happy whatever the decision as we have two great, if slightly unhinged, kids already but a third will be just as welcome.

Looking back to 2005 when I was diagnosed with Cancer I thought there was a chance that kids would never really feature in our lives – well not naturally anyway. Adoption or IVF were the possible options had we had a different outcome or treatment. We would have had to consider freezing sperm or forgetting about kids for a few years had I undergone Radio or Chemotherapy, but the Consultant decided because I’d been quick to go to the doctor and get the orchidectomy to remove the cancerous ball that it would be better to keep me under close supervision for the first couple of years instead.

I was in the hospital every month for the first two years. Full body scans, X-rays, bloods and physicals were all part of my life in the initial 24 months – because of that we were able to have Jake in 2007 and Jenna three years later. I still remember being left on my own with Jake and realising just how lucky I was to be in this position – me and my boy were both alive and healthy and it had seemed so far away just a couple of years earlier. Now we stand on the brink of number three and I still feel the same. Even when the kids drive me round the bend or use me as a climbing frame I am always aware of the good fortune we have had.

Most of all I am pleased for Jill because she is a brilliant mother. She will ensure that JD mark 5 will get all the love and attention it deserves and more – I am in awe of her patience and ability with our kids. Well it’s just as well one of us is capable of it. Neither of us has any preference whether it’s a boy or a girl as long as it’s healthy – mind you the kids have their opinions with each wanting another of themselves so the numbers overall are in their favour! Also I’m sure everyone will try to second guess names with us since are all JDs, but you never know we might surprise you….



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