Always look on the bright side of life



It’s easy to be pulled down by the recent bad news we’ve had as a family as the older generations pass on – but you are quickly reminded of the joy in life from the youngest generation and their never-ending stream of entertainment. Today our two have been on top form, especially Jenna and her complete lunacy (I’m allowed to say that being a fruitloop myself).

From her Slytherin whispering to mimicking you when you give her into trouble she is a bottomless barrel of fun. Her now legendary “Licky huggles” are her speciality and deliver exactly what you expect from the introduction you are given. Then there is the “daddy is a climbing frame” game which again needs little in the way of explanation but does leave the hapless victim somewhat revelled up. Her singing skills have been inherited from her maternal grandfather and she never quite gets beyond the first three words before she makes it up until the next time those same words come around again (even if they don’t she shoe-horns them in).

At least with Jake there is a reasonably sensible child in the house but even he can be dragged down into the chaos with little encouragement. He’s a much more independent kid and can amuse himself with his toys and computer games – unlike Jenna who is always searching for a playmate – willing or otherwise. The two do compliment each other so it will be really interesting to see how the dynamic in the house changes with the third child next year. Both seem to be hoping for a boy, but for very different reasons. I think Jake wants company and to overall outnumber the girls in the house, whereas Jenna wants less competition for attention and seems to think that this will happen if the child is male. Hopefully it will fit in to the madhouse regardless.

Jake’s going to be a great big brother and he’ll be eight when he becomes the oldest of the three siblings which is quite a gap really between them. You wonder whether they will have much in common until the third JD Child is older – and if it’s a girl then even less to connect them apart from their origins. I do hope they all gel as a unit – just not against us because they will of course outnumber us in the family unit. Having enjoyed watching Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin’s comedy show I’ve only recently realised that that could be us in no time at all.

While 2015 is not going to start on a positive note, overall I’m looking forward to the coming New Year with hope, anticipation and excitement to see who will join the JDs in late spring and whether the locals will settle into the next chapter of our family life.


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