Another Plane Disappears – How?



As the second plane this year disappears from the skies with no idea of where it is you do have to wonder how this is possible in our multi-levelled technological word. As the great Scarlett Moffatt from Channel 4’s “Gogglebox” asked earlier this year “How the hell can a giant plane go missing? We have 3D TV!”

I don’t want to make light of either of these situations because together they involve well over four hundred passengers who are unaccounted for and leave behind families without any answers or ability to begin the grieving process properly. I do wonder though how it is possible to “lose” a plane and everyone on it. This time Air Asia’s flight and it’s point of disappearance is in a smaller search area than the Malaysia Airways flight that vanished somewhere in the south seas in march of this year. Also there was the flight that was shot down over Ukraine – allegedly by Russian rebel forces – that was also from Malaysia.

Flight is a transport my generation take for granted, and with the amazing technological advances in our time – from landing a probe on a comet to creating vaccines for killer diseases – you do have to question whether it is a transport which has the best of technology in it anymore. Do the airlines and manufacturers focus on profit or are there better systems for location, GPS, navigation etc., that are being scrimped on. We all know that it is easy to locate a missing phone with GPS and triangulation, why do we still rely on radar and the black box – which is only really of any use after the event – as technological tools.

Those who wield the statistics around that air travel is perfectly safe and compared to x, y or z you are not in any real danger may find their words falling on deaf ears today as all those families look for answers. While the current theory is bad weather and the inability to climb over the clouds dues to other flight paths, the conspiracy theorists will no doubt be hitting their keyboards and spouting sh*t about government cover ups and hijacking nonsense. None of this helps the situation, or the families.

Fingers crossed these 155 people and crew are discovered one way or another before long to allow everyone affected peace of mind.


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