Hello 2015 – Reasons to be Cheerful 15!



For the first time in years I enter a new year in a positive frame of mind – something I really didn’t think would happen after all the struggles of 2014. This is going to be a more positive year for me.

Rather than look back on the negatives I can look forward to so much this coming twelve months – starting with tomorrow. For years now I have had a tight knot in the pit of my stomach on going-back-to-work eve because there was huge pressure to jump back into a pile of work that just didn’t seem possible to complete at the time. This year I head into the office tomorrow with new ideas and a desire to accomplish things and move forward from where we left off. That’s such a new experience for me.

Not to say that the job is easy – it’s not – but there is a great liberation from the volume of marking and the continual feeling of being watched and judged with every move made. The team are great to work with and there are lots of opportunities to actually work with kids on important matters without the limitations of the school day or curriculum looming over you.

Then there’s the family. At the end of May we become a family of five; a new arrival to complete the clan. While it will be chaotic for a while I know that these two new additions to the family will be a great thing for us all. Jill is such a natural Mother Hen, this newbie will want for nothing. Then there’s a new niece or nephew to look forward to in July with little Archie becoming a big brother.

It’s easy to get caught up in a negative vortex – especially when your chemical imbalance pushes you that way – but this year has to be one that allows me to face that head on and deal with it properly so it can’t take hold as it did last year. I’ve got a great consultant who is really supportive as well as my family and friends so I know that no matter what comes my way this year my mental health shouldn’t be something that stops me from achieving things.

So here’s to 2015 – it’ll have its challenges and problems just the same as every other year has – but from here the view looks fairly good. Long may it continue.



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