Je Suis Charlie



To kill someone because they have offended you is worse than cowardice;, it shows the complete lack of humanity, understanding and intelligence on the part of the killers. In a world where many are banned from expressing themselves we must stand up and defend the rights of everyone to speak their mind – whether we like what they say or not. That is real freedom.

We can disagree with what they say – for example when Nigel -“Man of the People” (although those people are generally racist twats) – Farage uses a mass shooting to make a political point about multiculturalism as he did on last night’s Channel 4 News we all agree he’s a bit of a c*nt. Simple. If Katie Hopkins slags off a Scottish nurse who is dying from Ebola, we all know that the stupid f*cker is just attention seeking and we won’t give her any of our time. When Dapper Laughs makes a “hilarious” misogynistic comment about women that makes him look like an uber-wanker then we can all switch him off. We are big enough to ignore and move on from anyone with an alternative point of view to ours but still allow them to exist.

One of the cartoonists who was killed yesterday made an interesting point in a press conference from back at the time the offices were firebombed for publishing a caricature of Muhammad. He said that he understood that Muslims wouldn’t find the picture funny and that the image did go against their religious beliefs, but he was an atheist and the image meant nothing to him so where was the problem. As a Muslim you do have a physical image or representation of your god – I’m not Muslim and I want to name a teddy bear after him or doodle an image of him then I’m free to do so – you can’t stop me from expressing myself. And the thing is real believers and true followers of Islam would just ignore it – only jumped up pricks without any true understanding of the Qur’an go and find their Molotov cocktails, automatic weapons and jump in their cars to kill someone who draws pictures for a living.

Print the cartoon on the front pages of all national newspapers, show “The Interview” in every cinema across the world, hold your pencil, pen or keyboard above your head and make it clear to all who want to silence others – we are not afraid. We will express opinions, make jokes about and draw satirical pictures of anything that deserves to be lampooned. Your guns and bullets will all be rust and rubbish but our minds and tools will remain sharp against the tyranny and oppression you bring.

We are not anti-Islam, we’re anti-Idiots



One thought on “Je Suis Charlie

  1. The radicalization of religion brings with it low levels of tolerance. It’s sad that such killings are justified and are presented as a will of god by these radicals. No religion tells you to kill. Moderates, speak up!

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