Aberdeen City Council Strikes Again!




The shambles that is our local council has decided in its great wisdom that what we need is another glass monstrosity sitting in the city centre. After allowing a design around the remains of the Triple Kirks that make it look like a child has taken an antique and built Lego around it, we are now faced with the new Marischal Square project. Today someone has put together a 3D representation to show what it will look like. (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-30717143?SThisFB)

Since the demolition crew knocked down the eyesore that was St Nicholas House we’ve enjoyed a view of both Marischal College and Provost Skene’s House – fantastic buildings both. But now the idiots in charge have jumped out of their clown car to allow this to be put forward as a possible replacement for the old council building.


The designers claim that this embarrassment will fit in with both the historical buildings but it would be like putting Joey Essex in between Dame Judi Dench and Sir Ian McKellen on the Globe Stage as they perform Shakespeare. I mean just look at it as a premise. We don’t have enough shops to go round all the empty spaces on Union Street as it is before we start looking for new ones to fill this charmless fortress. Then there’s another throng of restaurants being looked for to fill in the gaps.

I’m all for investment in the city, but when our main high street is a collection of pound shops, pop-up American Candy stores, bookies and bars you really do wonder what they are thinking. Why not focus on the dormant units across the city than allow another “box” to be built in our city centre.

But then this is part of a bigger problem we have in Aberdeen. Property developers and house builders appear to be allowed to do whatever they want regardless of the impact on the roads, services and common sense. Look at some of the current house building the council allows on sites that are almost the size of a small town but there is no provision for schools, doctors or general amenities. then there’s the ludicrous plans to flatten the Clover Leaf Hotel by Stewart Milne in Bucksburn to throw up a few dozen flats when it is the only centre gathering point for the local community.

Planning committee convener Ramsey Milne of Aberdeen City Council and the rest of his cronies need to stop and consider what is being done to our city. There are numerous building such as the old University Union on Gallowgate still sitting empty that could be developed for offices or retail if we’re that desperate for it.

I have not heard one single voice out with the Council to speak positively about this Marischal Square project so how is it allowed to go ahead. How on earth after the consultation that happened could it possibly be going ahead?

It would be wrong to suggest any backhanders or bribes or stashes of illicit photos/videos with Councillors in compromising positions being used because that’s blatantly not true and should not be said or written by anyone anywhere.


Not Ever.

So Don’t.

Not even in private.


PS: Obviously they don’t, it’s a joke. Just like them.

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