Celebrity Big Bother



It’s only six days in and already we’ve had two folk turfed out of the house – one for a physical attack on another housemate and a second for racist language. I don’t usually watch the show apart from at this time of year as there’s not much else on, but this batch is definitely interesting.

There are so many people to hate on this, the 15th Celebrity edition of the show, with Perez Hilton making his way to the top of the twattery list. He’s someone I’d heard of but my god he really is God’s Gift (if the gift was shit wrapped arseholes). Never has one man needed a slap more than this excuse for a human being. What’s even worse is that in a house that has Katie Hopkins in it you start to think that she’s normal and that’s a big problem for me.

Katie is a parasite and one that should be starved of oxygen attention not invited to spout more of her bullshit to the nation. She seems to think we care or will be shocked by what she says, but the truth is that we all know that she’s looking for attention like that fucked up kid at school  we all learned to ignore and now no-one keeps in touch with. In fact I’d go as far as to say get Cheggers out and lock the door behind him and just leave them in there with their egos and issues.

I have a real soft spot for Keith Chegwin as he has been ever-present in my life from Swap Shop to Cheggers Plays Pop, Big Breakfast to Extras he’s just part of the family and you don’t want this show to drag him down as it has done so often before. He’s faced some of his biggest demons on TV but I want to see him walk out sane and as the winner of this series.

As for the others: Patsy Kensit looks lost and confused, there are a couple of Boob related celebrities as usual, Calum Best is just ticking off another on his reality TV show bingo card, Nadia Sawahla is a control freak edging in on anything that happens, another American who is loud (are there any other types allowed in the BB House?), poor old Kavanah who had one hit and the nineties and has been string that fame out for the last two decades and other unmemorable people too.

The big issue for me is that contestants on the normal series of BB have to go through psych tests to ensure they are suitable and fit to appear – they clearly haven’t done that with the “celebrities”. While you think it might make good TV there needs to be a balance and an awareness of the dangers that the likes of Jeremy Jackson bring when they are going through a tough divorce and back on the drink after being dry for a few years.

Also there is a big issue with the apologists in the house for both Jackson’s actions – including the girl he molested – and the attitude that Ken Morley’s racism was understandable because he’s old. Making excuses for either of these is not a good thing and needs to be dealt with in a better way.

While it’s only a wee show that few will watch there needs to be a bit of common sense – so let Cheggers out and lock the door behind him.


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