Boobs and Hypocracy


The First Editions Of The Sun On Sunday Hit The Newstands

Could it be? After forty-five years it has finally happened? Has the Sun got rid of all the tits? No. Not when Richard Littlejohn still writes for them. But the norks, jubblies, boobies and indeed titty-ma-boobers are supposedly a thing of the past. Is it hypocritical though to want it removed from the paper after we’ve just had the whole “free speech” discussion concerning Charlie Hebdo?

I don’t personally see the point (either of them) of Page 3. It belongs in the 1970s with Carry On films, saucy postcards and “Confessions of…” films. Don’t get me wrong I love boobs but is there really a place for them in a national newspaper? Well then there’s that issue isn’t there – The Sun isn’t really a newspaper. Both it and the Daily Star are pathetic publications that claim the moral high ground whilst filling in the space below with tawdry and lascivious articles, photos of “wardrobe malfunctions” and double entendre about young females in the public eye.

So there’s the quandary – do we ban it and remove the freedom that the females who do it and get paid for it have, or remove it and try to empower females in other, better ways? Is the ban a removal of freedom of speech? I’m chasing my tail on this one because I should defend their right to print it, but I don’t want it to be something my daughter grows up with (the idea not the paper – wouldn’t let it in my house). Yes the girls who do it are not enslaved and are relatively well paid for all they do, but the whole reason it is being printed in the first place is wrong.

Go online or get a top shelf magazine if you want to look at naked women. The “Phhhwooaaar” brigade is not a reason to keep it going as they letch over girls young enough to be their daughter or even granddaughter. There is still too much male domination in society and this in its own small way undermines women. You have the male leaders of the political parties on the front page represented as statesmen but with the turn of a page you have the polar opposite representation of females. And before the calls of “it’s so out-of-date it’s now ironic” are only kidding themselves.

Also it annoys me that I agree with Rupert “The C#nt” Murdoch on this that it’s “old fashioned”- if that doddering old cesspit is calling it out it must be a problem. We, and I mean men, need to stop treating women primarily as sexual objects; if a woman chooses to be one then that’s her choice but not in a newspaper that can be bought by anyone off the street. We need to have a bit more self-respect than to have that in our biggest selling daily paper.

Here’s the thing I’ve found with this blog. I wrote two pieces called “Teaching Porn” and “The Side Boob”; the first about the idea that schools should use pornography in sex ed classes and the second was about the trend for women’s dresses to only cover the middle of their breasts. Both these posts get five or six views a day and I can guarantee it is sad men Googling the terms to get a quick thrill. I don’t want that represented in a daily newspaper – can we have better role models and strong female ones at that instead please.


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