The richest 1%



By all rights this story should make me angry, but to do that would miss the point. Yes there is an issue with the wealth of the planet being proportioned in this way but what can you and I actually do about it? The real answer is nothing – and perhaps that’s all right.

It’s easy to point fingers at those with all the money and privileges and treat them like pantomime baddies but most of them aren’t. Many have worked very hard to find themselves on lists in Forbes Magazine and the like. Also there is a large section who are massively philanthropic like Bill Gates who has given away millions upon millions of dollars to aid illness and poverty across the poorest countries in the world.

Those who have gotten their heads down and worked hard shouldn’t be punished for their endeavours, instead we should learn from them on how to improve and develop our own entrepreneurial skills. The only issue I really have is the inherited wealth of some which seems unfair – but if it were me there wouldn’t be a complaint. So you can see why I don’t feel angry about this as many are trying to make me at the moment.

The wealthiest in society should pay their way the same as the rest of us and many do. The Mansion Tax that the Labour Party proposes I think is hugely unfair – why should you have to pay money just because you are fortunate enough to have a large house? I much prefer the policy of the Lib Dems that say that we just need to change the Council Tax to accommodate the rising prices of houses. Yes they should pay more, but only in line with the rest of us.

To hammer, vilify and belittle the rich misses the point and falls into the far left’s  idea that they should share their wealth regardless. I can’t agree with that. There are too many examples of those who donate to charity, too many who reinvest the money into their businesses for the benefit of their employees and the potential new employees. There will always be a small group who are the C. Montgomery Burns type, but then there will be a Sir Tom Hunter who constantly donates to charity.

In the same way as you cannot look at all poor people and those in poverty in the same way, then the top end must be afforded the same courtesy – despite how uncomfortable it makes us. In a perfect world we’d all be comfortable and poverty would be eradicated, but this haranguing will not bring that about.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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