That Monday feeling…is gone




It’s Monday again – but it’s not a day I mind anymore. It used to sneak up on me as I was relaxing on a Sunday watching football or catching up on my Sky+ shows. The headaches would start around 2pm and last most of the rest of the day as the pressure built towards the start of the week.

Genuinely I would start to feel ill on a Sunday afternoon when I was teaching because of the workload and the expectation that the job would bring. I don’t know how I did, or any of my fellow teachers currently do, manage it. Maybe it was an allergy thing but now it’s such a different experience having a job which you can mostly leave in the office on a Friday and come back to on a Monday. Any work you do over the weekend is purely because you come up with a good idea or want to do something – not an expectation.

Now on a Monday – or any other day – I actually enjoy going to work. Sure there’s always the enforced getting out of bed which can be a bugger if I’ve not been able to get off to sleep until late because my sedatives kick in and ensure a good night’s kip from the point it starts. Apart from that I’m enjoying this new challenge and the people I’m working with. While I enjoyed many parts of teaching I just couldn’t go back to it now because the volume of work you have to do for the pay it ridiculous when you look at it. I know many who really enjoy the job and without them the system would not do as well as it does.

Those hardworking, selfless teachers deserve our utmost respect for all they do. Everyday, all day the educators are planning, marking and coming up with new ideas. They are the superheroes of society alongside nurses, police, fire serviceĀ and other emergency services and we don’t appreciate them enough. For many that Morning feeling – especially during this long and difficult term – is a struggle. I’m so glad it’s me anymore – and I’m also glad I don’t have that negativity towards work now that I had over the last few years. It cannot be healthy for people to trudge through the weekend only to see the dark shadow of Monday being cast across days off, but I understand it’s not a choice for many people and that I am lucky to find myself in this position.

No headaches, no dread, no regrets. Long may it continue.



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