The ongoing twattery of ISIS, IS or whatever they’re called this week.


Isis fighters, pictured on a militant website verified by AP.


When Al Qaeda sat you’re too hardcore then you must be the ultimate in “bad guy-ness”. It’s such a difficult thing to try to find humour or anything light in because this parasite is spreading and conquering wherever they go. Their quest across Syria, Iraq and other surrounding middle east countries shows no signs of stopping and you start to wonder what can actually be done here.

Everyone has their own tipping point – in the UK we are angry but still slightly apathetic when our citizens are decapitated online for the world to see. We are still war-weary from our last (current) foray into the middle east; the sad thing being that this time we probably should get involved because it’s much more serious this time.

The burning alive of the Jordanian pilot and the ongoing air strikes from the US and allies is doing some good but there is an argument we need to attack on more fronts. Starting with the internet. The hacking group #Anonymous hacked and took over lots of sites associated with ISIS this week and we should be encouraging vigilantism online to stop these idiots prospering. Cutting off the financial help, means of communication and spreading of viral propaganda can be stopped by these people.

But also there is a darker part of me that applauds what Jordan did in response to the callous murder of their pilot.

Publicly executing the failed suicide bombers from ISIS was a great move. I know it’s wrong in so many ways, but part of me was really pleased to see retaliation that they would understand. There is no negotiating with these animals so why are we even considering it? Attack them physically and in cyberspace, support and help the growing group of Islamic countries standing up to them, refuse to show, publish or broadcast any of their videos or recordings – it’s all just propaganda, why do we keep repeating it, doing their job for them??

The US is particularly bad at not understanding this. As usual it’s our friends at Fox who embed it on their website and think that’s a good idea – or on their main TV News describe what is happening in the human torture videos step by step. Who does this help? Not any Americans watching it, certainly not any Jordanians who are hearing about one of their brave members of the armed forces being burnt to death in public – the only ones who benefit are the scaremongering terrorists who hide behind a religion as an excuse to kill, terrify and maim anyone they decide needs to be taught a lesson.

On that point, and I know it’s pointless looking for any kind of reason in their actions, but why tackle aid workers? How does that help their cause at all. To take selfless human beings who travel across the world to lend a hand to those who need it most, and then kidnap, torture and publicly execute them is unfathomable. Not soldiers, not even those making a profit from this misery, but people who are trying to make a genuine difference. Yet we sit back and just thank our lucky stars it’s not us.

The Iraq war as wrong. Afghanistan was a mess. But this time you have some of the biggest players in the region wanting to do something about this and we have to get behind them. The West’s role here is not to go barging in and invading a foreign land, instead it should provide anything these Islamic allies need to stop the cancer of ISIS spreading. Let’s be honest our laws prohibit so much that our leaders can’t really do anything underhand or meaningful – that’s not necessarily of Jordan, Iran, Iraq and others. They could “deal” with these people and we could look the other way.

What’s that over there…


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