Jihadi Brides – One way ticket



Four girls from Bethnal Green have travelled to Turkey to cross the border into Syria because they want to be Jihadi Brides. Understandably the families are heartbroken and are calling for the authorities to help them get their children back home.

Sorry, but I think we need to shut the door permanently to anyone going to fight or be any part of ISIS or ISIL.

These are people who believe that the “West” should be attacked,  punished and destroyed under a warped version of Islam. Why the hell would I want people who wanted to do us harm back in our country? No, we must draw a line under these exits permanently otherwise we are putting ourselves at risk.

As a parent I would be in pieces if it were my kid, but it wouldn’t excuse what they were doing. We need to be harsh on anyone who travels to be part of a terrorist group like IS and remove their citizenship – if it’s not a law it should be. People who say that they are only kids and that they are being brainwashed are missing the point that these “kids” will be given guns and weapon to harm people – those boys and girls won’t think twice about doing damage to others.

I know there are those who have come back shocked at their treatment – that what they were promised online and social media was not the reality on the ground. Tough. Why should my taxes be used to protect, transport or search for anyone who actively wants to become a terrorist against us? I know I’m sounding a bit UKIP-py here but I genuinely don’t think we can do anything else. We could end up bringing people back to the UK who still share the terrorists vision and end up with more examples of 7/7.

Just look at all the poor Syrians travelling for hours and days by boat to Italy to escape the violence and pain, these are the people we should look after – the refugees who are fleeing persecution. Or the Coptic Christians that were attacked earlier this week are welcome to seek sanctuary here. Those who want to kill us and our way of life do not.

Immigration is a positive thing. It brings new culture, food, music, traditions and skills to this country, but if you choose to leave it and fight against it then you no longer deserve the right to be a British Citizen.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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