No gain, all pain



Despite what I blog about in terms of my mental health, I’m not used to being ill. I’m not good at it and have little patience for it in myself. Others can be ill and they’ll get support and sympathy whereas I just get angry with myself and my useless body any time I fall ill.

Brain aside I’m reasonably healthy – or I was until lifting boxes into the loft a month ago turned into a trapped nerve by a slipped disc. Now the shooting pains up and down the side of my left leg are causing a lot of pain – even with strong anti-inflammatories to help. I’m hurpling around like Quasimodo or Long John Silver and it’s annoying.

I think I get so annoyed because I was always ill with something or another as a child – colds of phlegmtastic natures, the full set of mumps, measles, German measles and chicken pox, a buggered eye from being hit with a hockey stick and a gammy leg from a cut that needed 15 stitches. – but really in my adult life it’s been major or nothing. Okay Cancer’s a big one, but that and my Bi-polar disorder aside I’ve not bothered the Doctor too much. But that’s changed for two reasons recently – kids!

Ever since they came on the scene I’ve been hit by stomach bugs, vomiting bugs, tonsillitis, flu, constant head colds and other ailments – and while I can’t really blame them for the latest injury and subsequent pain, I can try. I used to have a decent enough natural defense that I’d built up being a teacher. Any educator will tell you the amount of diseases that fly around schools is scary with viruses spreading like wildfire through whole buildings in no time. As a teacher you start to become immune to a lot of it. I must have lost that since I stopped.

Being ill is not something anyone enjoys, but for some reason it makes me really angry and short-tempered. The control freak in me has to concede that there’s little I can do to solve these types of problems. The doctor said that the leg could take months to sort itself once the disc slips back into place releasing the trapped nerve ending. Until then I’ll just keep up the Richard Crookback routine!


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