Let kids be kids



Children need joy. It’s a simple philosophy and one that you shouldn’t disagree with – considering the miserable and dark world we live in today. There are some great and fun people out there trying to bring that joy in their own way, but with each person with imagination and creativity there is a pedantic jobsworth who misses the bigger picture. These are life’s miserable c*nts.

Just in the last week there have been some stories that prove that some people were never hugged as a child. The first is the Dumbarton Lollipop man Nkosana Mdikane who high-fived the kids as they cross with him at the Zebra Crossing. He sang and danced and made road safety something that the kids naturally wanted to follow as he made them smile and go to the crossing rather than risk it elsewhere. Then some miserable git moaned about it to the local council, and then the council jobsworths agreed that he wasn’t within the boundaries of health and safety and put children at risk.

How? How is he putting the youngsters in any danger by getting them to cross at a Zebra Crossing with him to guide them over the road? It doesn’t matter if he entertains them or greets them with a high-five – he is doing a good job. More than that he is enjoying his job and bringing a smile to people’s faces. With the horrible daily news of war, famine, murder, terrorism – why the fuck do the actions of Mr Mdikane justify becoming a funsponge? It drives me mad.

Then there are the trustees at Wayford Woods, Crewkerne in Somerset who are asking the public to stop putting fairy doors at the base of the trees in the forest. These tiny doors sometimes have tiny furniture in them where children can leave messages for the fairies and let their imaginations run wild. While i can understand the need for litter to be curbed and protection of the trees, this is largely a victimless crime.

The idea of a whole forest with little doors spread throughout is a brilliant and joyous thing allowing little minds to create stories and characters in a way a classroom never could. Rather than turn into a Scrooge-esque figure why does the Trust who looks after the forest not introduce an official programme where you can “adopt a door” and the trust would place the doors in more suitable places. A “crackdown” or “ban” is not in any way a good response to what is a fun idea. there are 200 little doors but if they really made a feature of it instead of complain about it you would find more support, more tourists and potentially more money.

And this is so true of stories you hear every week – officious bampots who only understand strict rules and regulations and can’t understand joy, fun, imagination, creativity and the innocence of children. We need to encourage Lollipop men and women to be warm and welcoming to ensure our kids want to go to the official crossings rather than get run over taking a chance further up the road. We need to enjoy the silliness that doesn’t harm anyone and enjoy it for what it is – the best of humanity in a world which has got consistently darker over the last few years.

Our children are already being fast-tracked towards adulthood by the media, fashion and some parents, can we not just let them enjoy their informative years and allow them to be kids a little longer? Give them fun and escapism, and in turn as they grow up they will remember these things and pass it on to their own kids.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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