Why is Westminster panicking about the SNP?



There is a sense of panic around Westminster at the moment with the Tories already ruling out a coalition with the SNP and the same questions are now being asked of Labour Party – the quote of the day being from Camoron “You could end up with an alliance between the people who want to bankrupt Britain and the people who want to break up Britain.” So why do we find ourselves in a position where a Nationalist party could dictate what the whole of the UK does?

According to the polls there is a good chance that the SNP will be looking at anything between 30 and 41 seats in Scotland after the next election. But I don’t understand why. This is a party who all through the Referendum debates moaned and decried everything that Westminster stood for; now having lost that referendum they seem to be interested again.

Salmond has slunk back out from under his retirement stone to stand in my own constituency of Gordon and I’ll tell you now – he will not get my vote. The man is a hypocrite. Wanting to break up the UK and now eyes up the position of Deputy Prime Minister of that same place is as two-faced as it gets. Nick Clegg is by no means perfect, but I’d rather him again that Eck. He talked about our strong economic future and the oil – funny that they have gone very quiet on this issue as we would be struggling today if independent. With oil at half the price it was and thousands made unemployed in the industry and several thousand more on pay cuts and freezes it isn’t a strong economic position. If the SNP had their way we would be in trouble already.

“The SNP are in the best position to represent Scotland’s interests at Westminister.” Wrong. the SNP are only interested in themselves and another referendum. Regardless who you elect in May their job is to work for their constituency – the country they are from is largely irrelevant as far as I am concerned. Nationalists are blinkered to the bigger picture and will not do a good job for the country as a whole because they will be suffering from nationalistic tunnel vision.

Vote SNP and we’ll probably end up with a coalition that is not up to the job…again. Voting Labour is such a difficult thing to do as Milibland is the last of the three main party leaders you want to represent the UK, but a vote for Labour is the only way we can get rid of the Tories. Then there are the tactical voting areas. Here in Gordon the Lib Dems have the best chance of beating Salmond so I will probably have to consider that as an option. Down south vote against UKIP wherever they stand. Simples.

If only it were that easy. This election could lead to a very unsettled and difficult coalition that could easily unbalance the country and its finances. I don’t trust the SNP to do the right thing. I don’t think they have been a positive thing here in government in Scotland never mind giving them some control of the reins nationally. Their interfering in the Education system alone to me is evidence that they don’t have the capacity to do the job.

Salmond returning to Westminster is like having Richard Dawkins as the Archbishop of York – hypocritical and ludicrous.



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