Why you should do your bit for RND15


Group Image Of The Noses For RND15

This Friday sees the return of Red Nose Day! We’ve watched them bake, play darts and start their strictly adventure and now it’s our turn to get involved. If you consider that a huge amount of people who watch and enjoy the shows produced by Comic Relief never contribute it’s time to put your hand in your pocket again in their 30th year. They are only £50 million away from reaching £1billion raised and it would be great to see that milestone crossed.

So why do we still need to give money? Surely we’ve solved the issues? Far from it – for all the people helped by Comic Relief and their partners both here and in Africa there are lots of new needs and issues. Think about issues here at home – have we eradicated dementia, the need for carers, poverty? No of course not so we need to stop being so dismissive of the issues that Comic Relief shine a light on.

I strongly believe that if you have the capacity to, you should donate to charity. I know Red Nose Day is not always going to be the charity of choice for everyone, but we should all where possible make a contribution to a charity whenever we can.  For me I like Comic Relief as I can see exactly where the money goes as well as getting a dose of funny for my money too.

I remember the first Red Nose Day in 1988. The whole class & school had the noses on as we rehearsed for a show. The idea that charity could be a fun thing was great and that is something that has held true throughout the three decades of silliness. From the Tomato Nose to the Squeaky one, colour changing to the three monsters generations have now a shared understanding of what that nose represents.

While we are still trying to eradicate basic illnesses in Africa – ones that are completely preventable and curable – like pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria and others through vaccinations. While we fight to ensure that every child has an education and that they aren’t sleeping in the middle of a dual carriageway. As we campaign to end human trafficking and to stop modern-day slavery and poverty there is a need for Comic Relief.

This will be the first Red Nose Day for over ten years that I haven’t been in the midst of organising huge events in a school. From being a student right through to two years ago I always had a great squad of pupils and teachers working together to raise as much as possible for Comic Relief. I loved being able to take over the school for the day and have big events like the year we turned Westhill into a funfair. In the ten years I was a teacher we raised over £40,000 which I am hugely proud of – this year I’ll just be with the family making a small personal donation.

That little nose, the T-Shirt, the Car Nose or any of the other merchandise is there for you to show your support. And if those things are not for you then just make a donation. Here’s how easy it is:

Text the word FIVE to 70510 to donate £5 

or text TEN to 70510 to donate £10. 

The text will cost you your normal text fee plus the donation all of which goes to the charity. Over 16s only and ask the bill payer permission.

You’ll easily spend £5 more than you should when you’re out shopping so instead of the impulse buy at the till make a wee donation to Red Nose Day instead. To break that billion pound mark would be a fitting way to celebrate thirty years of this brilliant charity.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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