Vanilla is boring – sometimes we want some real flavour



He’s done it again – opened his mouth and….what’s that? Not something he said? What did he…? Oh.

Jeremy Clarkson is an oaf, a twat and an overgrown schoolboy, but that’s why so many people both here and around the world like him. I’m fed up of these magnolia presenters who have the personality of an empty glass. Would Top Gear be as good without him? No, of course it wouldn’t and let’s be honest he hasn’t really done anything wrong or the police would be involved. He and all his colleagues were drunk and he had a wee scuffle with a producer. So what?

I’m not advocating violence and he’s not clever or impressive for doing it but I like the fact that’s he’s pretty honest about the type of guy he is. If anything he mocks himself more than he does anyone else. He knows he’s not cool, young, mainstream and I think we need more of that on our telly. I’d rather that than politicians (Boris) doing it.

Look at the most presenters on TV – Ant and Dec have a great sense of fun and humour but they’re fairly boy-next-door vanilla as are Schofield, Holmes, O’Leary, McCall and Lineker. Good at their job, but not massively controversial or quirky. I’d rather have “Marmite” presenters that polarize opinion like Clarkson. Think of Barrymore at his prime, Julian Clary, Lily Savage, Kenny Everett, Graham Norton, Jeremy Paxman who all push the envelope and bring an edge – where are the next generation of these presenters?

Are you saying that the Emma Willis’ and Stephen Muherns of this world are what we have to look forward to? Get Richard Bacon on TV and not just a Painting competition, put Mel & Sue on Prime time with a n entertainment/variety show, Ruby Wax would be a breath of fresh air right now and let’s have Frank Skinner back doing his chat show – they were always interesting.

As much as he is an arse Clarkson, he’s our arse and is a dying breed. Once he’s gone all those who called for him to go will be flicking through the channels with nothing to moan about, while the rest of us have nothing to watch.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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