Miss You


Today was the first day that I’ve really missed being a teacher – all because it was Red Nose Day. There was always something special about the day for me because you were given a licence to cause chaos which was great for the big kid in me. Kids ran assembles, organised events, got up and performed in front of their friends.

Over the years we raised over £40,000 between my time at Westhill and Bankhead Academy and I was always hugely proud of the amazing hard work the pupils did. There was a real sense of community in the school  – the pupils and staff who weren’t keen made grumping noises but we either won them over or ignored them in the end.

It was strange sitting at my desk at work today watching the photos and videos on Facebook of kids all dressed up and what schools were doing as I was just having another day at work. No one was dressed up, no noses or t-shirts, no-one doing a tray bake sale even. It did make me pine a bit for the fun of my old room M19 and the fun I had with the kids.

I know that schools always do their bit, but I have to admit that there was always part of me wished I could do more. Even the year we made over £13,000 it wasn’t enough. As me and Jill sat and watched Operation Health on BBC1 last night we chatted about giving all you could and the thing is even if you were a multi-millionaire you couldn’t solve all the world’s problems an that’s why Red Nose Day has to keep happening.

I’m very proud of what I achieved with the schools, pupils and parents in my previous life – but I’m still able to do my bit as an individual. While I can’t give thousands, I can give some. If everyone else does their bit then that collective total becomes bigger and more powerful.

So as I sit and watch the show tonight having bought lots of the merchandise, donated to the Bake Off, Dermot and Darts and will probably text again tonight as I end up in tears over one of the videos I know that I’m doing my bit. I hope you do yours.


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