That moment when you are last to bed, you switch the TV off and just sit.



From the moment you wake up in a house of four going on five there is no silence until now.

It’s the most beautiful sound in the world and the most lonely. The beauty compares with the best piece of music and the loneliness is brief as you shake off the stillness to go up to bed.

Life is full of little moments, very few we can ever repeat, but that last moment of the day when there is nothing to be heard, no movement to sense, no disruption is a daily joy.

The cacophony of arguments, silly voices, questions and shouting are paused until the morning when the button will be released and the orchestra of vocal boxes strikes up again.

And they are good noises – ones that remind you of all elements of life, but they would be nothing with the nothingness of this calm moment. We only notice things when they are missing.

There’s a dull hum in the background of a computer or appliance on somewhere in the house joined only by the thoughts in your head that have sat all day waiting for the gap in the symphony to be brought in.


Can you hear it?





One thought on “Silence

  1. Ah and then illness hits and the silence is shattered by coughing, sniffling, and vomiting . . . you try and find solace in those ever-shortened moments of peace, to be wakened by the coming day. At least, that’s where I ‘m at at the moment . . . sigh . . . thanks for reminding to listen. Great post!

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