So you’re voting SNP


Nicola Sturgeon And SNP Party Activists Launch Election Campaign

It appears that everyone is pointing fingers at each other blaming the current issues on historic governments blah, blah, blah. But we don’t have to worry here north of the border because we have the ever-perfect SNP who never make mistakes. While I understand the idea that we want Scotland fairly represented the SNP’s mistakes have been ignored too much.


“New analysis from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) claims Scotland’s finances would fall behind the rest of the UK’s leading to a “fiscal gap” of £9.7bn by the end of the decade.” – BBC Website

According to the figures released by the SNP the IFS have said that it just doesn’t add up. It’s not just the halving of a price of a barrel of oil, but include removal of the Barnett formula and we’d be in trouble. The idea of full fiscal autonomy is not something we should support in any way. The sums don’t add up. We would go from getting extra money per head to losing £210 per head of population without the financial union with the UK.

Poor & Pensioners

The other issue is that with huge issues with poverty and an ever ageing population Scotland can ill-afford to lose money. Consider how long the SNP have been in charge and look at their record on tackling poverty.

Opting out of the UK pot also means that we have to fund the pensions of an elderly nation. The problem is that hasn’t been costed for.

To pay for the list of promises would require cuts or tax rises of tens of billions of pounds a year if implemented UK-wide, increasing pressure on the SNP to detail the total costs of its spending pledges and how they affect its longer term deficit reduction target. – The Guardian

Welfare has not been considered either so the ability to get rid of the vile Bedroom Tax is going to be difficult unless they follow austerity laid out by George Osborne – and then cut even further in other areas of the budget.


Under this SNP Government Education has been hit seriously hard.

There are 254 fewer teachers in 2014 than last year and 3,425 more pupils, it emerged yesterday. This means there are 50,824 teachers in Scotland’s state schools – a fall of 4,275 since the SNP came to power in 2007. – The Scotsman

“In 2007, the SNP promised to reduce class sizes for all P1-3 classes to 18 or fewer. This promise to Scottish parents was abandoned less than two years later.

Their latest target of ensuring that just 20% of those classes have 18 pupils or fewer has been an equally embarrassing failure. These figures now show that less than 14% of classes meet that target.” – STV

With the absolute shambles of Curriculum for Excellence coming in we’ve seen our schools deserted by experienced staff escaping this unnecessary overhaul. Early retirement from those who have so much to offer has damaged the sector.

Then Colleges haven’t fared much better. The SNP decided that Colleges should merge to  pull resources and centralise academics. Has it worked?

The report said total student numbers were now 36 per cent lower than 2008/09, teaching staff had been cut by 9.2 per cent in the last two years alone and budgets were down £69m between 2011/12 and 2015/16. – Evening Times

Sound Good – 100,000 less college places in Scotland as the amount of colleges have dropped from 37 to 20. This reduces the amount of courses and the reach of the further education colleges into more rural communities. Fewer Students, Fewer Staff and Less Money. Overall a huge error.


More than 4,000 patients spent over eight hours waiting to be seen in Scotland’s over-stretched A&E departments as they failed to meet the SNP’s “world leading” target treatment times – Telegraph

Cancer targets missed, staff levels dropping, and it’s not as if we weren’t given more money:

And over the past five years, Scotland has received an extra £1.3billion via the Barnett Formula because of additional spending on the English NHS. – Express

When teenage mental health projects are woefully underfunded, drugs that were supposed to be available are still suffering from the “postcode lottery” and constant arbitrary targets rather than support the NHS in Scotland is not in good hands.


You had a vote and said it would be the “chance of a lifetime” and “the only opportunity for a generation” yet already the SNP are looking for the next chance to waste public money on a vanity project. We as a nation voted no and we wait for the outcome of the election to see the White Paper on more powers for the Scottish Parliament to be presented.

The referendum cos around £16m according to the latest figures – and while that’s not a lot of money in the grand scheme of government it’s cuts that could have been avoided. Think of the things that money could have done for those on the lowest wages and welfare. Especially if you pan to run one each time you have a few MPs or MSPs.


Their record on the most important things speaks for itself. They tend to go for the headline grabbers like free care, prescriptions, no bridge tolls when actually I wouldn’t mind paying a token amount for my prescriptions.

There are stories of other party members being “hunted” by SNP supporters. Margaret Curran is the current MP for Glasgow East yet two SNP supporters have spent their time following, heckling and videoing her as she goes door to door. The SNP campaigners even put the videos up on their Facebook pages.

Then there’s the bare-faced lies they tell in the Scottish Parliament. Lies about the amount of jobs in the renewable energy industries; lied about college funding and forced to apologise; the idea that they want to help the rest of the UK when they are based on the premise of splitting that union up; and Deputy SNP Leader Stewart Hosie claiming about Labour:

“Given their toxic alliance with the Tories for the last two and a half years, people in Scotland would be forgiven for thinking that Labour’s focus is not what they can do for Scotland – but what they can do for their Tory allies.”

He really doesn’t understand the difference between working together in the Referendum and normal politics.

For me the SNP offer nothing but a win for the Tories in this Election. We know that historically Labour needs Scotland to be red to see a majority – voting SNP will mean the Tories get the keys to Number 10 again.

I could write for ages about how imperfect the SNP are but people will make their own minds up in the end – it looks like they will get between 40 and 50 seats at this election and will probably do well next year too. Just be aware that you have heard little about their policies this election for a reason – they don’t add up.


Thoughts? Then share them!

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