The hunt continues…



Another day, another trawl through the classifieds looking for an opening that is JD sized. I must be applying for around a job a day on average but little to no response at the moment so far. I had hoped that after the Easter break there would be a bit more movement, but so far it’s been really quiet.

The big issue in Aberdeen just now is that every company appears to be making cuts to staffing. Barely a day goes by when there isn’t another fifty or one hundred jobs being cut from a major player in the North East. The downside for me is that all these experienced people are slotting into the queue ahead of me for jobs.

For some reason employers are happier to fit a ready-made worker into a role than bring in a new face and perspective. This causes the job market to mimic a merry-go-round of skilled workers – as one moves on, the rest shuffle up a place in the food chain. People like myself who haven’t got that commercial experience are left at the bottom of the pile. And to a point I understand that because with the job market being overly populated with experienced people why would you spend the time and money on someone, only for them to move up on the same carousel.

I am only checking the job sites two or three times a week as it becomes a chore to look at all the positions you don’t have the experience for, are missing a qualification for or just know there is no point in applying for. You open up all these tabs and whittle them down from a dozen each time to perhaps two you apply for. The thing is you know that you would be more than capable in the position but your face won’t fit so trying seems pointless.

I think I’m going to have to go and volunteer at a charity or something until I can get a job just to get me out of the house. Again I suppose it’s experience that will help me out but it doesn’t really help us in terms of money. You start looking back over choices made in the past – University and College and wonder whether you would do things differently if you had your time again. If I had the financial security I’d go back and study again in a heartbeat to give me a better chance in the job market.

Until the lottery comes up I suppose I’m just left with the job websites for company in the slight hope something turns up soon.


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