Apologies for the silence



Lots going on in the house and head at the moment and I didn’t realise it had been so long since the last blog – but as my mum taught me if you can’t say anything nice…

Not completely true but going on another rant about the election tomorrow won’t be good reading for anyone. I just hope hat we get a 70%+ turnout so even if we don’t get a majority government it will represent the people of he UK.

I get annoyed with the posturing and lies that fly around and there have been so few moments of reality from our politicians that you do feel removed from the process. If I’m honest I think that Nick Clegg has again come across best out of the main party leaders. While many will never forgive him for the tuition fees and supporting the bedroom tax, I still think as a party they have a lot to offer. Remember if it weren’t for them you personal tax allowance would be nearly half what it is now.

Then there’s the anticipation of the new little Duncan. We’re into countdown mode as due date is only a couple of weeks away. Can’t wait to meet the baby but would really like to have sorted out some work so I can properly look after the family. Every day at the moment is a depressing trawl through the job websites and the odd application, and the regular thanks but no thanks to boot.

Jenna still wants a boy and Jake wants a girl so one of them will be disappointed – either way I’m happy as long as they are healthy and happy. Going to be strange to share the house with another body having been a four for so long. Will it change the dynamic and will the kids take to their new sibling? Can only hope so.

Mental health has been okay of late and feeling okay – neither up nor down really. Just the job situation that brings me down a bit, but that’s just a natural mood swing that anyone would have. My only concern is that the longer the wait goes on for a job the more chance I have of slipping into a proper bout of depression.

Overall I’m in limbo with everything – it’s a waiting game for all aspects of life just now. I’m just glad I’ve got the band to keep me going at the moment. Going and belting out a few tunes is always a great way to release the stress and worries and the diary is healthy for the summer. There is a lot to be said about music as a release or therapy and I certainly benefit from it in my life.

So fingers crossed I will be back to blogging properly soon with good news on all fronts – would be great to feel settled once again.


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