Missing the Libs Dems yet?




So how is it a week later? How influential are those SNP bods against the Evil Tories? Who cares who leads the Lib Dems or Labour? Why is Farage still around? None of these questions or less will be answered in this blog.

You forget don’t you, just how evil and right wing the Tories are. They talk about giving power back but many of the new cabinet want to restrict freedoms rather than hand them out. I’m old enough to remember the tail end of Thatcher and all the Major years and the miserable darkness that they brought across UK politics. And within a couple of hours of winning that majority we started to see the really nasty bastards start to crawl out from under the woodwork: Redwood (above) was the first to slither on to the screen and remind us what we’d been missing.

Then there’s the new cabinet. Many, like me, have been following the appointments and shaking their heads in disbelief at just how far to the right Cameron is pulling with some of his selections.

Starting with my favourite cabinet c*nt Michael Gove. Here’s a man who ruined Education and was removed before he did anymore damage has now been made Justice Secretary. This is a man who has, on many occasions, made the point that we should have never abolished hanging. He shares this view with Priti Patel who is Secretary for Employment. She has issues too as she has voted down taxing banker’s bonuses to aid job creation as well as a stimulus package to give long term unemployed jobs.

Then there’s Justin Tomlinson the new Disabilities Minister who voted against maintaining the benefits for disabled allowance and cancer patient benefits. He voted for the “bedroom tax” which hurt the disabled more than any group. He will now be in charge of funds to get the disabled into work. Ben Gummer the Health minister is “personally and principally opposed to abortion” – how can a man with these blinkered beliefs be put in such a position?

Also there’s seven of the cabinet who voted against gay marriage, including the new Equalities minister Caroline Dinenage. But she says it won’t be a problem. John Whittingdale – our new Culture Secretary – dislikes the BBC, the way it is funded and likened the licence fee that provides a brilliant service as “worse than a poll tax” Speaking of which one of the men who advised Thatcher on that very tax is now Parliament under secretary of State for Scotland. You couldn’t make this shit up!

Rory Stewart is the Under Secretary for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and believes in selling off public forestry and badger culling – both have been proved to be damaging for the environment. And then there’s Boris. No actual job but there in the mix so when he steps down as Mayor of London he’ll be ready to take over from Dave after the Euro Referendum.

The biggest concern of all is the attack on the Human Rights Act (HRA) of 1998 and the want to replace it with a British Bill of Rights. The claim you will hear from hose on the right is that it is taking back our power from Europe to make our own decisions. The truth we already have that power. What the HRA gives us is the ability to appeal decisions made by the two Houses of Westminster and the Supreme Court. Without those checks and balances in place we would be stuck with only a UK solution to all issues. All the laws of our country are still there and the European Human Rights and the UN Charter of Human Rights are there as advice only until higher level appeals are required.

Also there is a reason it exists – it started as a process at the end of WWII to protect populations of all countries. Each took on a version to allow them to self govern and set laws but have a “right of reply” if you like. To those who cry about extremists and the inability to remove them are also incorrect as we have laws in place to either send these people back to their own countries if safe to do so, or charge them under existing UK laws. Most of the arguments against HRA are humbuggery of the highest order and a power grab by Gove and the Tories. Here’s an interesting piece from the Guardian on this matter: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/may/13/arguments-human-rights-act-michael-gove-repeal-myth-busting

So the next time anyone moans about the current system and the Tories you can remind them that the country lost faith in the Lib Dems and Labour that led us here. Clegg, Alexander, Cable, Davie, Laws, Baker and Featherstone might not have been perfect and yes mistakes were made, but I’m still confused why they were punished and the Tories were rewarded for this. Were it not for them we would havehad a much worse situation. SOme of the things they stopped are now going to be reintroduced including the nasty Snoopers Charter from Theresa May and the Home Office.

Are we really saying that for the better of this country a couple of bad decisions and broken promises were worth holding grudges over to give us Abortionists, Capital Punishers, Anti LGBTQI, Poll tax introducers, NHS sellers, BBC bashers, Disabled Rights & Benefit Cutters, Bedroom Tax creators, TTIP supporters, Green Belt sellers and Human Rights trampling f*ckwombles is the price worth paying?

Didn’t think so.


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